I couldn’t have been more embarrassed.

As I decided that my ten year-old son wouldn’t being attending camp this year, we agreed that he would begin taking golf lessons at the local range.  Both his father and his brothers play golf, and I thought it would be nice if he learned too.  

The first lesson was a disaster.  My son, a normally sweet kid, was nothing of the sort towards the golf pro who was teaching him.  So unusual, I allowed the situation to slide, chalking it off to a bad day.

The second lesson however proved to be worse than the first.  So much so, in fact, that the golf pro excused himself from teaching my son any further.  I forced my son to apologize.  Frankly, I agreed with the gentleman and did not blame him in the least.  My son was being disrespectful and passively demeaning.

When we returned home that day, my son laid out a plethora of excuses.  This is what he learned once he finished:

1.   When you make a deal, you keep it;
2.   Your actions represent your parents;
3.   Learning to work with people you don’t like is just as important as learning to work with people you do.
4.   Everyone has something worthwhile to share.  Don’t think otherwise;
5.   Personal happiness does not always apply;
6.   “Respect” goes a long way;
7.   There is a “way” to do things and that “way” will dramatically affect your outcome;
8.   Being entitled entitles you to nothing but lost opportunity and regret;
9.   Your “right” isn’t always “right”;
10. Be grateful;

And finally,

11. Mothers can be bitches to deal with when you piss them off. 

My son called the golf pro to, once again, apologize.  He then asked for another lesson. 

They had a great time and my son learned a lot.  He will continue to take lessons every week through the end of the summer.  He’s a happier and smarter kid for it.  

I share this story with you given the challenges our nation is enduring.  How many kids grow up to be adults who have never learned these lessons?  Wouldn’t current day realities be quite a bit different if they all had?  I can’t imagine not.

Think it through and get back to me.