These rare times of personal and societal transformation are bringing to light both the goodness existing in all beings and the shadow unhealed aspects that must be revealed, explored and transformed. If you are feeling weary about the seemingly endless chaos and uncertainty, I invite you to consider the extraordinary potentials available now. Continue reading for a cosmic antidote to apply in your life.


We as a collective chose this unique time – long ago – to come together in creating a mega shift in consciousness not possible before. Even if you have heard this before and get what it means, everyday struggles and frustrations with the seemingly slow pace of change can make anyone weary, fed up, and impatient.

These ego-driven responses take us out of the drivers seat of our lives and our ability to be powerful changemakers. When our ego has us whine about how bad things are, it tends to lump things together and see our reality as “bad.” Have you noticed that, when you temporarily forget your higher wisdom, you label challenges and crisis as bad?

Remember Daily

  • There is no bad.
  • Sometimes what appears as bad is actually a catalyst for self-growth.
  • There is no mega positive personal change possible without your active participation.
  • Rainbows are there, yet you must sometimes walk through the mud to see them and act on them.

A Steady Round of Negative Self-Talk

  • Keeps you small and dis-empowered.
  • Reduces your frequency and manifestation potentials.
  • Keeps you in a rut of complaining that obscures the wise voice of your higher self.

Getting Inspired When You Don’t Feel Inspired

We’ve all been there in 2021 – and perhaps throughout 2020 – since our societal norms began shifting – complaining to ourselves and others about how difficult things are. That whining voice inside becomes addictive the more we allow it to dominate our thoughts and our conversations with others. To be sure, we can sometimes benefit from sharing examples of our struggles with others, especially when we do it in an empowered way vs simply complaining.

The Cosmic Antidote

Regardless of how satisfied or disgruntled you are with the status quo of your life and our world, remember that the antidote is within you. It is purposeful positivity – looking for the good or silver linings in all things.

Sounds easy, yet sometimes it can feel challenging because your ego-dissatisfied self gets more of your attention than your inner wisdom. It can take effort to look for the gems that certainly are there, right in front of you.

3 Steps to Get Inspired

Here are 3 steps that can lift you out of negative self-talk and into empowered inspiration.

  • Invite a tangible knowing of extraordinary moments and potentials. Trust that these indeed exist alongside what you label good or bad situations. Yes, these extraordinary moments and potentials are there, yet you must be alert to them and act upon them. Your action, even if one step or one phone call, catalyzes inspiration and connection with potentials.
  • Stop comparing. This means comparing yourself with others, with where you are in terms of your goals, and with artificial goals you unknowingly accepted as yours because of outmoded societal ideals. Let those go. Be you – your authentic self – in each moment. No race. No judgement. Be. While this may sound simple, and it is, trust that as you master this, your inspiration will soar so high that it propels you in new, more positive directions while also inspiring others.
  • Don’t wait for someone or something outside of you to “fix” your life – or to make your challenge dissolve. You are the fixer. Yes, others can help guide you to solutions and remind you of your higher calling and path – but only you can do the contemplation and follow-up inner work – taking actions step-by-step that create positive change and inspiration. As you do this, you will model what it means to be extraordinary and catalyze inspiration in others. This can be contagious!

Positive Stories from Real People – The Spiritual Compass to 2021

To follow these ideas I’d like to invite my readers to participate in a new section I’m adding to this year’s book – “Positive Stories from Real People“. Submissions due by April 15.

To be considered for the “positive stories” section, email me a short paragraph describing one positive development occurring in your life because of our changing norms since 2020. At the end of your paragraph include: your name (preferably full name, but first name and last initial okay), your city, your country. Note: a limited number of submissions will be included and they may be edited for space. Therefore, submit as soon as possible.

Examples of submissions: the joy of having more time with family, the reduced stress of not having to drive long distances to work when you work from home, the things you learned about yourself and your ability to adapt to new things, the joy of reuniting with school classmates or former colleagues you discovered online, the inspiration you felt as you noticed people around you being more compassionate and caring, any benefit or positive life change you associate with adapting to new norms.

The idea is to provide inspiration during these often challenging times when much of our news relates to what needs to be fixed – e.g. injustices, power imbalances, the climate crisis.

Benefits of Creating A Submission

Regardless of whether you submit a positive story – and whether it’s selected for inclusion in The Spiritual Compass to 2021 – here are the benefits of creating it now:

  • As you write your “positive story” your level of inspiration and your frequency is raised.
  • Writing it down helps you to anchor an energy of positivity, amplifying your inspiration.
  • Saying the words out loud to yourself is like an elixir of positivity – elevating your focus away from problems.
  • The act of writing creates a bridge to your higher knowing and reminders of the good existing in this world and within you.

I look forward to your feedback on this article and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2021. Feel free to contact me at my website.