With the Covid-19 taking over the world and all of us being forced to stay indoors. We are social beings and right now we’re being deprived of so many things we usually take for granted, like eating in a restaurant or attending a concert. This kind of social isolation can take a toll on your mental health and many of us may be experiencing stress, anxiety, worry, or loneliness. But you know what the good part is? Human beings have this amazing ability to cope with change. Slowly and with repeated exposure, we get used to things. We find a new normal. This is called ‘habituation.’ So remember that, even if it seems really hard right now, you can get through this.

Just to ease the process a little bit, here are some creative ways to deal with the Covid-19 stress and make the best of this time while you can:

Sign up for an online workout program

Gyms are closed. And going for a jog outside is pretty much out of the question! Working out at home by yourself requires real discipline and motivation. So why do it alone? There are plenty of online platforms out there which provide workout programs you could sign up for. Maybe challenge your friends to do it with you.

Invent new recipes from whatever is available in your kitchen

A delicious home-made meal can make the lock-down seem so much better! So gather all that’s available in your kitchen, put on that apron and get creative!

Discover new music and update your playlist

Music is a language with no barriers. Research suggests that music not only soothes the mind but also enhances cognitive performance and can have a positive effect on your mood, memory, cardiovascular function, and athletic performance. Music has the power to lift your mood and reduce pain, depression, and anxiety. So get on your music app and discover new music, explore new genres, rearrange your playlist, and why, create new ones!

Take up a new hobby

Having a hobby can make you feel more productive and can help you make the best use of this time. So spend a little time everyday on a hobby or develop a new one.

Indulge in self care

What is self-care for you? Is it eating a wholesome meal? Is it your skin-care routine? Is it just relaxing on the couch doing nothing? Well, it can be anything which makes you forget your worries, makes you feel relaxed, and nourishes your mind and body. Amid all the hustle-bustle of daily life, we always feel that we don’t get time for ourselves and do things which we truly love. So here’s your chance to get into that self-care routine at least for some time in a day.

Read some books that you always wanted to read

There’s always so much to do, and so little time. Well, now you can’t complain! So dig out the old list from Goodreads and commit to reading at least for half an hour a day. Challenge your friends or partner to do this with you.

Start a lockdown journal

It may sound like a cliché but writing is a powerful tool not just to express our thoughts and feelings but to heal and to give way to our creativity. Research suggests that writing a journal regularly contributes to improved mental as well as physical health. So if you are feeling stressed because of the ongoing situation, get a pen and paper or just type on your phone whatever comes to your mind. Do it regularly to see that it helps to reduce some of the impact of all the stress. And who knows, you may even unleash some of that creative power of the right brain?

Start gardening

Spending time with nature always brings a feeling of calmness which allows you to connect with your senses and can be really therapeutic. For most of us stuck in our homes right now and feeling like we are ‘losing it’, this can be your escape from the stress of it all! Gardening can teach you to develop acceptance, patience, mindfulness, curb your perfectionism, can be a great physical activity and a stress buster!

Self- improvement —take an online course

Being stuck in our homes all day with the same routine and no change in the environment can easily make us feel bored and dull. If you can relate, recharging your brain with a new skill-set can just be the perfect solution for you! God bless the Internet, you can learn anything from the online learning platforms. 

That being said, you do whatever works best for you and make sure you are taking care of your mental health too.