The Goodness Breath Project is an antidote for the negativity that is triggered by these difficult times of chaos.  
It is not something I was thinking about when the ideas of the Goodness Breath Project insisted on being known. I was in the process of writing an article about personal fulfillment and self-actualization when these ideas about goodness started pouring out of me and my fingers couldn’t type fast enough to get them all out.
As The Goodness Breath Project revealed itself to me, I had to admit that it was a very different focus than the anger and disgust that had continued to occupy my inner space over the last few years in response to the unfoldments in our country and world.  

I had resonated with something I read on Facebook which said, “I hate that I have never hated this much in my life because of all the hateful things that are happening in our country!” Not only did I feel this rage, but it was also a prevalent struggle for my psychotherapy clients, friends and community.  People have asked me for guidance on what they should do with all the upset and rage they feel.

I have encouraged people to keep their eye on the bigger picture, to take time to “visit” with the anger and release and express it in safe ways, and to take positive social actions that are in the direction of kindness and healing. Now I will also refer people to The Goodness Breath Project, because I believe it came through as a direct response to this inquiry.
The Goodness Breath Project offers an inner focus as well as a way to actively participate in bringing healing energy into our world.
It is a way of staying in powerful alignment with who we really are as human beings and what we are made of – goodness.

These are the three simple steps of The Goodness Breath:

One. Inhale and fill up with the goodness that is inherently you. As you viscerally expand with life-energy through breath, you are remembering and claiming goodness as your core.  

Two. Pause long enough to be aware of this goodness. If possible, savor it. Be aware of the sensations in your body or at the very least, just mentally acknowledge it.

Three. Intentionally channel this goodness out to others as a force of light.
The intention is to practice the goodness breath as often as we remember to — using our breath as a force for cultivating more kindness, harmony, cooperation and love-in-action.
This focus on goodness calls upon us to anchor into the belief that the light within us is more powerful than disillusionment, anger and hate. It also invites us to step into this light, absorb it, engage with it and radiate it out. Gandhi spoke about us being Trustees of goodness — to have faith in the goodness of our hearts and the hearts of others. 

Rather than polarizing, the practice of goodness is about seeing and accepting the whole, which opens us to seeing the spark of light and goodness within everything and everyone, no matter how the manifestation appears.

To energize our own sense of goodness, we can be aware of being part of something way bigger and mysterious than we can imagine. We turn to the light of the sun and moon and stars to kindle and strengthen the light within, which is truly the one and same light within all beings and creation. We call upon all the forces so we can strengthen the power of our goodness breath.

The Goodness Breath Project is about being warriors for radical awareness and action. “Warriors” because it is a fierce mission to “take the high road,” no matter what. “Radical awareness” because it is a refusal to forget who we are. “Action” because we choose to intentionally breathe and channel goodness throughout our waking consciousness.
Imagine millions of humans, all across our country and world, participating in this active goodness focus — people of all races and languages, rich and poor, young and old — all breathing in goodness, savoring it and breathing the goodness out as a fierce force for transformation and healing.
By joining together in the focus of spreading goodness all around the globe, we become a force that awakens our sense of unity and respect for all beings and for our earth and it brings the belief that love is stronger than anything else into actualization.
I find myself practicing the goodness breath throughout my day.  I find that when I am upset about something, I allow these feelings to be felt and expressed if appropriate and then I return to the practice of the goodness breath, which automatically retrieves me from negativity and returns me to centering myself. There is no doubt that I experience its healing power.  I believe that if fifty one percent or more of the world’s population could practice the goodness breath, we would have a turning point.
You can find out more by visiting Include your name and location on the map as you commit to breathing goodness as a force of light. Also, check out The Goodness Breath Project on FB with more videos about it as well as uplifting videos of human goodness in action.