photo by Michele Falzone

Awe seduces us out of and into the same moment. It creates what I like to call, the accordion effect: expanding and contracting our minds — macro and micro and micro and macro and micro and macro and micro until they are one and the same.

Do you remember the last time you looked at the midnight sky, freckled with shimmering speckles of Awe? How very small you felt amidst the massiveness above you? How very large you felt when you realized that the very teeny tiny you was also part of this expansive Universe? How connected you felt to everything that was and ever shall be? That precise delicious feeling, my friends, is the power of Awe. She stuns like no other.

How easy it is to forget Her existence. To walk by your street, to and from your home.

The same houses. Same cars. Same sidewalk. And in thinking we already know these places, things, concepts we forget that She lives — that She is alive!

When accompanied by another person, perhaps that of a visiting cousin or a two year old child who has not yet declared knowledge and sameness of our street, we seem to be reminded of the glory of Awe that we overlook.

My, oh my! Is that a robust brightly yellow lemon tree growing in your neighbors garden. How lucky you are.

Your sidewalks, they have such an interesting pattern of squares that make for such a lovely hopscoth en route to your home!

The lovely concert that the birds put on for all who can hear — do they sing every day? And free of charge?

Ahhhh, and there She is. Awe. She was never hiding. Only you were. In your mind. In your knowing. In your sameness.

Awe has the ability to refresh a place, time and sense of presence. She rubs off the dust and dull from your lens and reveals such a shine of the divine.

Often She begs you to ask whoever might be around, are you witnessing the very same glory I’m seeing? hearing? smelling? tasting? She tempts you to keep looking at the other person and dive a little deeper — are you feeling what I’m feeling? And She cords you to whoever you are sharing the moment with. Awe then parlays you into activating your connection to all seen and unseen beings, feelings and possibilities. There, She guides you to live, breathe and assimilate into the entirety of everything beyond self.

And in this, any and all awkwardness surrenders to connection and any and all judgements surrenders to compassion.

We allow ourselves to be seen and see another.

We allow ourselves to be heard and hear another.

We allow ourselves to be loved and to love another.

We allow ourselves to be connected and to connect to another.

We allow ourselves to pause, take a deep breath, and glide into the awareness that we could never be alone, even if we tried.

In this moment, we realize that we are infinite. Time. Space. Thoughts. Beingness. It’s all connected. We’re all connected. We are infinite. We. Are. Infinite.

And in this, creativity lives, as Awe provokes us to suspends our personal beliefs and free fall into the realm of possibilities. The possibility that Awe might live in each and everyone of us.

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