Summary- In this article we discuss the foundational grounds of clothing, and the growing disparity between reasons why it started and the reasons that it eventually became.

Going through those Turkish Party Dresses Mississauga, you must be wondering, “Has the human species evolved beyond what’s required?”, then a countering thought can arise which tells how such existential questions can become a cause of conflict and misery for an individual’s peacefully numb life, so you decide instead to suppress the idea.

The question was never wrong to begin with, for it held within itself a fair share of critique about how the modern clothing industry has evolved to make this game of choosing a three-piece suit on hire purchase in a range of fabrics, pretty dirty. The idea being that whether it is an Islamic Shop in Toronto or your local impoverished suit sticker, options are rapidly enhancing everywhere.

These options are available for even the smallest of the things, for the most niched thing in a world that already stands as an outcast in the Universe is way too absurd for human reception. You see anthropologist estimate that people started wearing clothes a few hundred thousand years ago, and at that time they didn’t have the option to dress themselves up in anything except fur, grass, bone, leave, shell and of course a fair bit of animal skin. The idea behind clothing was instinctive that was to protect the slow evolving sapiens from rough weathers to ensure greater likelihood for the survival of the specie. The specie did survive, the idea didn’t. Clothing choices have now become counter instinctive.

Counter instinctive, how so one may think. Well, it’s simply depends on circumstance. If you are freezing with cold you need a jacket, it doesn’t matter whether it is Armani or Levi’s as long as it hides your skin. On the contrary, if you are well beyond freezing and are living quite safely in your protected homes then your Maslow’s hierarchy of needs might just kick in any random moment and make you attach several constructs to this simple exercise of self-protection.

Constructs which were earlier a matter of indifference to you, aesthetic value, personal confidence, ego, mating attraction, respect, societal status, self-esteem for instance now confide in you, making you a partner in crime for the never ending human crisis arising on account of our needs being manipulated at the hands of the big man. In situations like these, the gap between what started something, and why that something is sustained today must be analysed to see whether that something is really what that something was, or has that something become something that is not what that something was. It is quite a simple idea, that can be thought over again and again till your brain urges out an answer. Till that time, you can still enjoy this guilty pleasure pain but only till it lasts.