Journey to North of Spain

Dear universe,

I know you have this stigmatic proportion of controlling lives and control all the cosmos but can you just do me a favor and let life surprise me, in the best way possible? After all, I have been a fan of cosmic plays since my childhood. I used to look up into the sky and wonder what’s beyond the horizons?

Anxiously waiting for your play your cosmic role wonder.

Yours sincerely,

A dreamer of great expectations.

Yeah, that’s me. The ultimate version of myself hoping for everything good in life. Even the downtown memories lane couldn’t stop me from being a traveller enthusiast.

There are hardships in life, helping you transform from the stage of metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly.

Life has certain ways to surprise you now and then. well, who doesn’t like surprises? The best things happen unexpectedly in life.

If somebody asked me how would I explain life for myself? I have three words to answer that question.

Love. Travel. Adventure.

To love life, I deemed it necessary to travel to every possible corner as far as the adventure could take me.

Let the chips where they may

And that motto always comes handy when you are an active traveller. Travelling has been a constellation of dreams. You know it’s there, waiting quietly for you to discover your inner explorer. Since from my teenage years I have been fond of travelling with my parents. And now that I have outgrown myself I discovered a new part of myself wherever I went.

I haven’t been to countless countries, but my travel journey is full of exciting adventures. Such an adventurous road took me to Spain last year.

Fall in Love…Because of North Remembers.

I loved it. Every single place that I visited in Spain was an addition in my dream constellation. Having heard so much about Spain from people and internet it always intrigued me with its beaches, nightlife, the food (yummy) and what not.

My list could go on and I will never shut up about it. So the best way to entice my travel adventures, I decided to share the most beautiful places to visit when in Spain for a holiday venture.

First of all, OMG! Know this (if you don’t know it already) you will fall in love with the Mediterranean coastlines. Its love at first sight. The south of Spain is all about magnificent beaches, golden islands, and tapas. But the dreamer that I am I had to do something different.

So I travelled to the north. Underestimated, Asturias, at some crucial point, is a true example of how a country can lap natural wonders altogether.

  1. It’s a Cool Vibe, Picos de Europa

Cantabria is home to the king of mountains in northern Spain, Picos de Europa. One of the most competitive hiking trail leading away from the valley, past the view of Cantabrian sea to the top of a mountain peak. The cool vibes it gave off was what I just needed to make my holidays in Spain at a steady pace. On the way down get familiar with the locals and take good memories with you.

  • Castle Rock

On the shores of Bay of Biscay is Gaztelugatxe. Accessible via a small bridge (on foot) is the chapel of San Juan, high resembling a castle is the best picture.

I went there during early April and the atmosphere was cool enough for me giving me the opportunity to take some great shorts. And guess what? To all the fans out there, HBO series of Games of Thrones was filmed here too!

  • Medieval Village of Santillana del Mar

Lucky for me as I travel a lot I like wearing comfortable shoes. You can ever have so much to carry in your bag pack. On the west coast of Spain is this small town with binoculars view of the Sea and Caves of Altamira are near to it. When you visit there do go for a visit. The historical carving on the walls is what made it famous all together.

  • Urban Beach of Basque Country

Who said the beach is only for the southerners? San Sebastian in the north of Spain has this amazing beach La Concha which has proved to be one of the busiest beaches of Spain. I had a hard time finding a spot to lay a blanket on the sand.

But the ideal beach offers great amenities for those who stay. I enjoyed a night stay at a resort offering a great view of seashores.

Unfortunately, I’ll stop right here. Why spoil the northern fun when you can go and visit anytime?

It’s a choice you have to make worth your while. Be a dreamer like me and I’m sure you have nothing to lose, but only you will gain memories from it.

And hopefully, your dreams may come true here!