I have to admit I hold back sometimes. What I share, how I share it. I give in to the resistance. A couple month’s ago I was a guest speaker at a beautiful event where one hundred women gathered. I shared so much from my past, the events that took place that have made me who I am today. Sharing from my heart, my experiences. There was a very valuable lesson learned that night. A lightness that came with sharing in a safe space. Stepping out of my comfort zone is where the magic actually happens. A profound amount of healing happened for me that night. My fear of what other’s were going to think melted away in those moments on stage. I was so grateful to share space with others who are on their own healing journey’s. Although it can be scary I believe it is necessary for growth and healing and to show one another, that there is always someone who needs to hear what you have to say when it is love that is leading the way. I believe with all my heart that we are here to learn, to teach, to evolve and to serve. Another truth is that not everyone will receive your message the way you intended. As long as you stay true to who you are. Speak your truth, those who are meant to hear you and be served by you will find you. “I am just here to serve the people God assigned to me” I also believe we are all meant to shine just as children do. The same way we tell a child to believe in themselves and to shine bright, we must remind ourselves of that message. It takes time to un-learn all the conditioning and beliefs that have built up over time. Let the layers peel back and allow yourself to remember who YOU are.

One thing I am committed to giving up is fear of what other’s think, because it is far too tragic to hide your magic in a world that needs your light! so free your mind, be gentle and kind you are a creation of the divine.

How about you? what are you releasing? I want to hear from you!!

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