Nothing changes until we do. 

The shift is an inside “job.”

It happens one heart and mind at a time.

For many of us, situations that we’ve tolerated in the past have become untenable, and there’s a voice inside of us whispering, “enough.” As this is a personal and private revelation, you will not see it on the daily breaking news where stories of innovation, conflict, fear and deep division continuously play out for anyone ready to consume them. 

Not many of us imagined what played out in our lives in 2020 as it has been very personal with each of us facing our own challenges right now. What we witnessed, and continue to experience, is that no one really knows much of anything, no matter how large and trendy the megaphone or platform is. And we’re confused about who is truly winning anymore. In a world where the winner takes all, everyone loses. 

And it’s our time to step out of the decaying house and build what is needed for the vast majority of humanity, not the few. We may believe social media is social or that the sharing economy is about sharing when they’re based on antiquated advertising and business models that benefit the few. And if we examine their roots, they are rotting at the core with their illusions and delusions of serving us.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, when it is integrated, and know that we have yet to scratch the surface with creating healthy platforms that are truly about collaboration and co-creation — the next generation of communities has yet to emerge. And so much is possible. Remember these words seven years from now as 2027 will have many of them available to us.  

This is a time when many of us have been forced out of our “normal” routines. Some have been mourning our losses, while some simply paused, reflected, breathed and examined the fabric of our lives. Through much upheaval, we each had an equal opportunity to become aware and assess our level of self-care, work and jobs, relationships and partnerships, finances, living conditions and the impact on the physical environment that feeds us — in terms of what is healthy and toxic for our wellbeing, individually and collectively.

For anyone doing our deep work, there has been an opportunity to reveal the cracks in the foundation and now with 20/20 vision we have an opportunity to become self-aware. It takes the imagination and courage of an adventurer trekking into the unknown to create a life that is sustainable and supportive. It requires each of us to look in the mirror and ask, what are we here to learn? What are my most exciting opportunities? What happens when I put down the manual of societal success?

We can release the illusion of control and allow ourselves to explore the concept of vulnerability where we can openly ask and receive assistance. When we open the door and receive help, it allows another to give. But we have been conditioned to be tough and fight the good fight and it’s a time when we can learn how to give and receive. We simply forgot and wrote ridiculous stories about saviors and heroes. The truth of the matter is no one is coming to save anyone of us. Our path is our story to create. Imagine what can happen when we release this illusion of control and open the doorway to possibilities. Maybe there’s something waiting to be revealed that we just can’t see until we begin?

Dare to dream is a consideration for anyone willing to take on our inside job. Can you truly see what 2020 has come here to show you? Can you become self-aware, create healthy boundaries, take impeccable care of your body, connect to nature, and walk away (and sometimes run) from toxic relationships and situations? What about becoming aware of the mask you present to the outside world — the facade you have built to protect yourself from any hurt or shame — and how you truly want to show up (what some call our authentic self)? Can you identify all the parts of you, including those you war with, and come to terms with what limiting beliefs are holding you back? Can you stop the inner battles and address your wounds? This doesn’t happen over night as each of us has experienced some trauma in our lives. No one is spared. But each of us has the ability to learn, imagine, dream and create, at our own pace. Can you bridge the gap between your dreams and your current life? Can you let go of any past failures and limitations by trekking into the unknown?

This is a time of healing, on an individual and collective level, but it starts within. When you can bridge the gap between toxic competition and collaboration within yourself and others, you learn to discover ways to support everyone. By helping yourself, asking for help, you can find and foster new opportunities, instead of fighting problems. One of the biggest challenges we each face with this pandemic is isolation, but there are always opportunities to reach out to others. Helping others is one of the healthiest ways to pull out of depression and despair — through caring, and action. Do you need to reach out for help? Who can you ask? Is there someone who can use your help right now in a small way — maybe just listening? What already exists that you can tap into? Video technology, for example, allows us to be with someone else — apart from touch and smell we can visit with each other. We may not be able to hug right now but we can laugh or cry, celebrate or grieve, together. 

There is so much hope and when we start shifting inside ourselves. When we bring our powerful intuition and intention, we begin a journey of a lifetime filled with imagination, vision, creativity, action, and determination to experience life to the fullest. In 2020 and beyond, life will be what you make of it as long as you can deal with the past (the known) and embrace the unknown with an open heart.

Are you focusing on your own life instead of what others or society tells you is important? When you ground yourself in this physical reality, you will slowly discover the path to creating the life you want and also connect with healthy people to create what is needed most in our world. There is no need for magic spells or pills or wands or gurus. It’s time to step into your own power and become aware of how powerful you are! In a world that tries to make you like everyone else, can you put down your sword and instead of fighting for your life, find ways to imagine, play and create in your own beautiful way?

with deep gratitude for your imagination and courage,


Sunshine Coast of BC, October 2020