What a crazy year this has been. We all know why and we all have our own perception as to why. I am sure many people are happy to wave 2016 away but standing on the threshold of 2017 feels a little daunting too!

Joy to the world.

With all the year end functions done and just the carol service at my daughters school left on my to do list I was struck by the magnificence of a junior school choir and orchestra performing, Joy to the World. The verse that triggered my tears was, let earth receive her gift. There is a common thread that spreads through humanity, independent of race, religion or nationality and that is our need for HOPE. This is not something that falls into my cynical lap very easily. It is something that I need to work hard on and I needed to start but I wasn’t sure where to start, until we started a week of being being grateful at home and the difference in the energy among my family was palpable. I find if gratitude is permanently on my lips in every circumstance and conversation, in every moment of awareness then my world begins to change. My body, mind and spirit seem to receive their gift because as the gratitude rises in me she brings along her life partner, HOPE.

My hope for 2017 is great, my attitude is pulled along and I am ready for the ride to be paved in grateful understanding that my whole being responds to the gift we all have access to……HOPE.

Gratitude breeds hope and hope rises the will to live and learn and be better which changes our attitude to everything we encounter…..choose 3 things to be grateful for today and tomorrow and the next day……

Originally published at medium.com