History has chosen the final blueprint in the makings of a great man. So, what does that entail? It requires strength, overcoming adversity, and having gone through the challenges of defeat, while rising back up, again. These are the virtues of manhood. The greatest of classical storytales and civilizations has defined masculinity, with those tales of honor, bravery, and conquest of the impossible. These are the characteristics and demonstrations of manhood and masculinity. So, what does that entail? Well, for starters, it ensures that when danger comes, one can not run away and hide. The epitome of masculinity demands that one stands his ground. Standing in it and affirming his very presence is one of such traits. Once a man has reached the very epitome of great heights, he has achieved a level of ecstasy; a spiritual union, with the Heavens. Manhood is more than an Earthly journey. In fact, it is a place of wonder and mystery-a navigation, where manhood works to reach that height of spiritual knowledge and awakening, while placing it in connection, with Earth’s domain. That connection between Heaven and Earth is one, which leads to, great heights!

Any artist, who is able to skillfully and masterfully craft such an awakening-and through any genre-has created a blessed thing. Very few men, artists, singers, or musicians are able to establish this silent connection between Heaven and Earth, through music. Yet, when they are, let it be known that such treasures are rare; coming only through those musical talents, with the skill and power to do such. These are miraculous workings, indeed! Heaven is not blind. Only such individuals with the treasures and workings to do so, are granted this very talent. Sometimes, they have reached a level of international fame and prestige. Other times, they are local and unknown. And then, they are granted with a level of surrender in understanding that their gift is one meant for a greater purpose; with greater intentions. There is a greater calling, in who we are, arena why we were given our gifts!

Moving over into the nation of Jamaica, we come to see what it means to revisit a spiritual awakening and its connection to music. Not every person is gifted to do that. Before, we had the late Bob Marley, whose passion and ability to move through the landscapes and time, earned him that valid recognition. Now, we have another artist, whose power to navigate through time, brought with it an awakening back into the marriage between Earth and the Universal! From the treasures of Jamaica, and owner of Nile Banks Music, one Universal musician demonstrates great waves in reconnecting Reggae to reality’s fiction and imagination’s time. Through a hip, Reggae beat, he has become masterful in intertwining that age-old, heroic tale of manhood and having reached the greatness, within! His name is none other than, Jamaica’s-own. . .



His 2020 song, “Heights Of Great Men,” is a wondrous tale and collaboration. For starters, it gravitates to that treasure of Universal heights and the seeking of knowledge. That’s what makes it so precious. In addition, it moves into a period of tranquility, when after overcoming so many battles, he reaches a final point in his masculine journey. Quite powerful and telling, indeed! What creates another euphorical enchantment is how such travels through a select journey of fulfillment and mystique! The song, and vocal work, of Fyakin is smooth, calm, collected, and a rush of Heavenly acoustics into those crafted notes and rhythms, in which he masterfully displays, You can feel the sacred timbers of enchantment, within his voice. The flow of the song is a storybook, waiting to awaken a unique component into the mysteries of artistry. It is personal and passionate. Furthermore, the song moves listeners into a greater awakening of self; causing us to explore what we dared to explore on that journey. In addition, the song re-kindles the mind. What makes it more complex is how the song forces us to assess, where we are in our own journey of spiritual awakening.

The flow of the song makes it very clear that Fyakin has reached one particular atmosphere in the ranks of kinship. He has found the meaning for having reached one stage of masculinity. It is one arena for seeing the beauty and rewards, in what happens when a man keeps his word. Keeping his word for the maintaining of that spiritual path, and those, who choose to navigate through it. The flow is well-meaning and it brings a delightful essence towards the beauties of movement. What does it mean to navigate into a greater setting? How does it instill an even larger well-meaning for the foundation of musical treasures and how they instill blessings of completing one’s journey into the treasures of man? That’s clearly a celebration of the Divine, and man’s musical performance, within it!


What a treasure and wonder it must be to fill one’s amazement, with the passion of joy and mystique. How music and artistry navigates through a certain trajectory of time. What does it mean? How does it sound? Why does it seem, so illustrious? There are a number of pleasures and magnitudes for the treasures of wellness. In addition, it presents itself in those gifted individuals, who are blessed enough to have musically navigated one’s way, through it. This is one of the whispers and gifts that Jamaica’s very own, Fyakin has gifted us with. It ks a modern-day depiction of an ancient awakening; wrapped in Reggae tapestries! That’s the timber of its very navigation.

As more promotion for this musical treasure continues to take place, we can only hope that we will find fulfillment, within it. Until that time, we can explore and navigate our way into a delightful treasure. Dreaming ourselves into those ancient elixirs of ancient time. We have that power! We have that desire! There is a waking memory into how we can accomplish such a task. When it happens to come through, permit each timber to rework it’s way into another time and error. Allow that timber to resonate and bare a new shaping! Then, and truly then, we can experience the greatest navigation of spiritual navigation, through art. For men, such a marking permits them to take a healing shape. It does! It truly does! Lastly, can gain those mysterious gems of moving time, through each other. That’s what we can permit. It’s what we can imagine!

So, grow yourself into spiritual heights. Let it guide you into a greater awakening of spiritual abundance, which have yet to be discovered by man. Build and gravitate towards that wellness, and let it permit you to sing, dance, and explore into the greatest of heights, known to man!



  • Lauren K. Clark

    Lauren K. Clark hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently based in Cairo, Egypt, she is a lover of travel, studying different languages, the arts, and more!

    Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren K. Clark came to Cairo, Egypt for her graduate studies in Gender & Women's Studies/Migration and Refugee Studies. A writer, published in 6 countries, project coordinator, working with refugee/migrant children, and just enjoying the magic and power of life. The world of theater is her therapy, and the performing arts lavishes her world! Enthralled with the mysteries of the Universe, and all the beauties, Creation has to offer.