Michigan Academy

The Michigan Academy is a top name among the most famous change inducing and self-growth platforms around the world. The intention behind launching the Michigan Academy was to give people what they needed the most: a trusted and informative platform that yields visible results in their life.

Fear is a liar. It cheats, it deceives, and it tricks us into believing we are all alone, lost, and unworthy of the life we deep down inside know we deserve to live. Fear wants us to live in pain, poverty, and unhappiness. And it will do whatever it takes to bring us down to its level.  Do not take your fears seriously. See them for what they truly are – games and illusions, and turn your back on them. When you actively work on your personal development, you not only reap the rewards of self-growth, improve your life, skills, knowledge and interactions but also improve your contribution to the people and environment that surround you.

What would life be without the roller coaster ride? Wouldn’t we receive less value from the great moments in our life, if these bad times did not exist? I assume we all have the same opinion here: No, we wouldn’t. The bad times are something that we simply cannot prevent. So why not take the best out of every situation, as bad as it might be, and enjoy the ride? Well, it’s not that easy, is it? Actually, it might be easier than you think! All you need is to develop the right attitudes and the right tools to learn how to deal with them. It’s always a question of how you look at certain situations. We are currently on a rollercoaster of emotions. One day you may be feeling positive about the pandemic and finding peace within, next minute you don’t want to leave the bed.

It’s OK. These days call for us to catch ourself during any emotion, instead of attaching ourselves to them. In our culture, we tend to feel disappointed when we’re in the low part of the wave and excited when we’re in the high part. But the real high we all long for is not high that contrasts with the low. It’s beyond or beneath or inside or above (or maybe all of those) the ups and downs of the waves. You can experience peace as you walk downhill and as you walk uphill, when you’re on top and can see the view for miles around and when you’re at the bottom and there’s no sunlight.

David Michigan says, “The greatest power lies within you. Nothing in the world is more powerful than that.” I will share with you today and the meaning behind them will help you, not only to deal with the ups and downs of life but also to see yourself as you truly are: Powerful, Courageous, Unlimited, and Divine.