“Did today’s meeting meet your expectations?”

I intuitively and instantly replied to the Global Partner Development Manager as we were closing the meeting and leaving the 90,000 sq ft headquarters. It wasn’t until we got back to the car that I realized the impact of that exchange and the important lesson I accidentally shared.
I was invited that morning to meet with some of the top team members and executives from Infusionsoft to discuss how we might be able to align forces to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to succeed. Although I am familiar with Infusionsoft, I had never had the chance to visit their facility in Chandler, Arizona and didn’t know what to expect.
In fact, the only preparation for our meeting was to have a clear and open mind without sabotaging my goals. My objective was to hold a safe space for everyone that was there, to communicate clearly and actively listen, and to have no expectations regarding the outcome.

Shortly after my arrival and an enjoyable conversation their receptionist, Jeremy Vijsma came to greet me and invited me to sit down in the middle of their football field. Over the years, I have developed a sense of confidence in myself that makes people feel at ease right away. One key to this is active listening. I was so genuinely focused on him and his passion for their company’s mission that, as the conversation progressed, I nearly forgot the reason that I was even there in the first place.

I suddenly felt immersed in a state of flow. Being in the moment could be the greatest gift of all if we allow ourselves to get out of our own way. Then he asked me about my company, my next book and my goals in a very open and relaxed matter.

Moments later, the Global Partner Programs and Experience Manager stopped by to meet us. Kim Mortensen quickly apologized for being in a board meeting and sat down with us. I shared with them my story and my passion to help businesses without trying to sell them on anything and without expectation. During our conversation, Jeremy suggested a unique idea that I hadn’t thought of that would benefit both of our brands. I felt like the meeting flowed well, especially when Kim Mortensen said: “It’s all about sprinkling the magic.”

After our chat, we all stood up to exchange pleasantries and Jeremy Vijsma asked, “Did today’s meeting meet your expectations?”
To which I replied, “You know what? I’m so glad you’ve asked me this… In fact, I came here with no expectations whatsoever. What I found out was that expectations can limit the positive outcome. I feel that they cause suffering and stress and reduce chances for growth, possibilities, and opportunities!”

So the lesson as an entrepreneur is to LET GO of expectations!

Instead, focus on intentions and being in the moment. If I had been so focused on what I wanted or expected a specific outcome, I may never have let Jeremy suggest his idea, which was a more desirable suggestion than what I had intended in the first place.

Also, planting the seeds of expectation in the fertile ground of stress can cause you serious harm as an entrepreneur. When our expectations exceed our reality, it sets us up to feel inadequate. Have you ever experienced the gap between your expectations and your reality? It probably felt like you were a failure, leaving you with empty feelings of frustration and disappointment. The impact that unrealistic expectations can have on your business can be devastating since that experience can overflow into the rest of your business and even ruin future opportunities in your life as well.

Think of it this way… would you rather be certain of how your story is going to end or would you rather experience a little mystery and magic in your life? Keeping your mind fresh from assumption, calculation, and presumption unlocks and opens the door to unlimited potential and sets you free to achieve your goals and pure potential without limiting the outcome. Speaking your truth with no expectations not only gives permission for others to do the same but also set a tone of clarity and peace for everyone.

The next time you walk into your next meeting or event, remember to let go of your expectations so you can share having a greater experience!

Thank you for reading… Until next time!
For the highest good…


  • Julie 'Juju' Christopher

    CEO of Biztuition-Mystical Entrepreneur


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