Often the hardest thing to control or even understand is your own mind. 

I have to agree! 

I was in an abusive relationship, and my boyfriend used to joke about my ‘gremlins’. (For the sake of this post, I will call him my boyfriend – he had a different definition.) Anyway, I was being torn in two directions. On the one hand, I was being encouraged to grow my own business on the other, I was being exposed to cruel and violent abuse. 

My mindset wasn’t good and it didn’t improve. I was so mentally messed up and I had no idea! 

When the relationship ended, I couldn’t use my own mind. I couldn’t say yes, I couldn’t say no. I didn’t know how to decide. I was so used to being manipulated. 

Needless to say, I still had my ‘gremlins’. They were in permanent residence and I was so afraid I shut down. I stayed at home. I distanced myself from my friends. I focused on my business. My computer didn’t judge me or manipulate me. I felt safe with it. 

It took me months to realise I couldn’t stay at home forever. I had to learn to do ‘normal’ things like shopping, meeting friends and even dinner dates. It took me weeks to get comfortable with the idea and it was slow progress.

Through all this, my ‘gremlins’ were still there. I didn’t know I had them. When I started working with my first coach she introduced me to a new concept – mindset. 

Now, as a listener and reader of Tony Robbins’ content, I knew about this but had brushed it aside. I didn’t need it.

Well, my coach blew that thought away. We started working on it and I fought and then I realised why. 

The ‘gremlins’ knew eviction was coming! 

I had done all I could but had to do something bigger now. The ‘gremlins’ fought and I fought them. Slowly the power shifted and I got rid of them. 

However, they still return and I have to evict them. 

I finally understood what my coach said when she said, “mindset is a daily practice.” I didn’t understand that in the beginning – now I appreciate that comment. Each day, I have a mindset practice that keeps me on track and ensures that the ‘gremlins’ don’t decide to return for a holiday.

We all have ‘gremlins’ but they don’t have to stay!

  1. Do you have a mindset practice?
  2. Are you doing all you can but seeing no results?
  3. Do you know you need to step up?

My coach had me journal on these and it made a difference to my approach to mindset. I would love to know what it does for your approach!


    • Mandy Halgreen

      Book Writing Mentor for female entrepreneurs

      Mandy is an author and writer from Zimbabwe. She works with female entrepreneurs to write their book and share their story to create impact and income. She enjoys hiking, Zumba and chocolate-binge reading sessions.