Sunday night. Restless. Tossing and turning. (My mom loves this phrase…). I decided to get up and turn on the light. As I passed the mirror, I noticed my hair was longer in one place. Hmm…it’s three am. Seems early to trim my hair, but hey, why not.

There I am with my professional scissors, but without any professional training on the art of cutting hair. Who cares? I have cut my hair before. In fact, I have been coloring my hair and doing highs/lows over the years. I have even worked that crochet hook and the bonnet, Are you kidding me?

No worries. If it doesn’t work out well, I will buy a wig. Wigs can be kind of cool. There was that time on the train from New York and the other time at the Willow Grove Mall. But, I digress, yet again.

I remember when I was married and we would go to New York City and spend upwards of 4 hours and $400+ to have my hair done. No offense to any salon owner or beautician. You provide a valuable service. Sometimes, I just want to do it myself. It started with a small snip. A snip here, a snip there. A Tisket, a Tasket a green and yellow basket..I am clearly dating myself, but again…who cares:).

One small cut for mankind, one giant headache for Jackie. I kept going. What was I thinking? Snip, snip, snip..clip..clip…oh my! what the h? There is a giant, gaping hole on the left side. Ok. ENOUGH, go back to bed. I do.

It’s 8:30 am. Why did I sleep so late. Yes, I know. I had to trim my hair. I go in the bathroom and turn on the light. OMG! What did I do?! A total nightmare. Where is mom? Mother? Mom? Look at my hair. Silence. Jackie-it…looks……good. So much better than the long hair. Your hair was too long and wasn’t flattering, Hello? I loved that long hair.

Phew! What a relief. Shortly thereafter…Jackie, your hair is uneven in the back. Give me the scissors to even it up. …Yes, that looks better. …Thanks mom.

Working at my desk. On a Zoom call. I see my hair. What the *%$# up with my hair. Totally uneven. One side is about 3 inches longer than the other side. This is cool though. Totally. I remember when I lived in Boca. Ginnie gave me a cut like that. I was totally hot, right? Yes, check me out with my dimensional cut. Totally mind-blowing, Let me use that as my new guide.

Pick up the scissors. Here we go. A little here, pull the hair over hear, use the comb, repeat. Tada! I am thrilled with my work. Enter mom. Silence. Looking, “come into the light”, “turn this way” “let me turn on the lights”…Nothing. That look. Not disapproving, but trying to think of something nice to say. Finally, “you have a pretty face and can wear any style”.

I go back upstairs to work. My mom follows me and hands me two things. A paper with a phone number of a local beauty salon and her credit card. She says she loves me and wants me to get an appointment to have someone fix my hair, and she will pay for it.This was touching, but a call to action.

I went back to the bathroom and picked up the scissors and comb again. Here we go. After cutting off 4-5 inches, I now have an appointment on Friday at The Salon. There are some things for which we need to ask for help.

The wig is arriving on Saturday. Short and Sassy by Day and Long and Sexy by Night.