Have you seen the list of new movies coming out this season?

There are a number that focus on a feel good experience that will have us leaving the theatre with a smile. A recent remake of Mary Poppins comes to mind and I remember it was my first movie. I was about 5 years old, going to the theatre with my best friend, chaperoned by my Mom.

Popcorn, chocolate and magic!

The story of a Nanny and her “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” approach to life. What I especially remember about the story was her ability to make the Banks children not only smile but laugh. She increased their happiness factor. Just like that! (finger snap)

We are introducing a whole new generation to the power of “magic”!

This year, I have been sharing stories to inspire great ideas. Meeting with entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders who through storytelling introduce us to their own brand of magic…in their business.

I have found there are a few characteristics or traits that are common amongst each of the people who take this leap of faith. They contribute to their overall wellbeing and are best described in a resource we offer to new and emerging leaders: Your Personalized EQ report.

I think they help to define the qualities that contribute to happiness and create smiles:

1) Optimism 

An indicator of one’s positive attitude and outlook on life. It involves remaining hopeful and resilient, despite occasional setbacks. Our inner reality check.

2) Self-Regard

Respecting oneself while understanding and accepting one’s strengths and weaknesses. Self-Regard is often associated with feelings of inner strength and self-confidence. It is a guide post to our ongoing commitment and passion.

3) Social Responsibility

Willingly contribute to society, to one’s social groups, and generally to the welfare of others. Social Responsibility involves acting responsibly, having social consciousness, and showing concern for the greater community. It is the foundation for a positive contribution.

I’m sure you’ll agree, these qualities are useful in almost everything we do. What begins with our individual personality is often translated into our business and creates a human connection in our community.

Not all of us have had a visit from Mary Poppins, but, we may all learn a thing or two from her “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” attitude towards life.

Enjoy your own personal journey and I hope you have many opportunities to share smiles!


  • Trish Tonaj

    Author, Artist, Speaker, Founder/Host ShareYourStories.online


    Trish is an, author, artist and speaker on mentorship.   She has published 2 books: Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools. With a love for writing she has co-authored a complimentary e-magazine W2 = Wealth and Wellbeing. She is the founder/host for the #ShareYourStories series and invites you to participate with your feature.  https://bit.ly/37N3XQw