I recently saw a short clip that I wanted to share because it’s what I’ve experienced too.

When we do something great, gain recognition from work, get promoted, or just become really happy about something in life, I tend to run into what I call a ‘happiness fear’.

So what is it?

It’s when there is a sensation of excitement but within us there is also a sense that if I am too happy, I will bring inattention to in life which may result into something bad to happen. Because of this ‘happiness fear’, I am less inclined to exert my happy feelings to my family, friends, those around me, and also, me.

It’s almost like I am never a happy person anymore.

— — — —

After seeing this short clip, I wondered back to my memory trails of life whether if I ever went through good and the bad times without being happy.

Well, it surprised me because even if I had not expressed my great happiness, I still went through all these good and bad times anyway.

So why did I have these fears, if life always brings the good and the bad experiences..?

— — — —

Now I made a small commitment to myself. Let’s just be more happy!


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