One surprising action that will pave the way.

The road to happiness usually goes something like this (at least mine did)…

You one day realize you are not fulfilled. Darn, now what? So you do a lot of soul searching and go back and forth in your mind about what it is you really want. This alone could drive you nuts.

Then bingo!

You finally hone in on what you want. What a relief. However, after pinpointing your happiness goal you still have to figure out how to get there. Then you have to take the proverbial first step. Ugh — another major challenge!

During this process, you probably brought in some much needed help — you read some books, tried a few self-help tactics, maybe meditated, created a vision board and even prayed. You learned lots along the way and now you have an arsenal of knowledge and a bed side table littered with law of attraction books. You’re almost there!

Well sort of. You began to realize that while hoping for your dream, you got majorly caught up in everything. Your day was filled with so much positive thinking, motivational techniques and mantras that you were practically a self-help guru in your own right.

Desperate for some results, you agreed to take inspired action every day no matter how small. Finally some progress.

Now you’re cooking!

Before you knew it, a year went by and you realized you had spent a full twelve months wanting your dream so badly that you got nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. Wait — how did that happen?

This crazy little scenario is exactly what happened to me last year. I became so focused on wanting my goal that there was no room to manifest it. I’ll rephrase that — I actually wanted something so badly that I wished my dream into oblivion. I wished myself silly! I must have missed the self-help book that discussed this. Sigh!

Learn from my mistake. If you try too hard, there will be no room for your dream to come through.

So, I charged myself this year with a new and improved inspired action:

Let go and let God.

After committing to this, my mind actually cleared, my heart opened and my shoulders relaxed. It took me 365 glorious days to figure this out. And guess what else? The things that I was grasping for started to materialize. Voila! Jeez it would have been a heck of a lot easier if I knew this from the get go.

So the next time you decide to dream a little dream, feel free to think about it, see it in your mind and feel it with all of your senses. Then let that sucker go. Let the universe do what it does best and watch the magic happen.

“You can only lose what you cling to.”- Buddha

Let go. Let God. Dream on.

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