Self-awareness is your gift to yourself

In the context of his impeachment back in 1998, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, is quoted as having rationalized his behavior by saying: ‘It depends on what is, is.’    

In a post COVID-19 world (assuming there will be one) a similar statement might be ‘ It depends on what the haves have…’

Up ahead, we assume (or at least we hope) that some degree of normalcy will be restored to our daily lives after this Coronavirus crisis has passed. But things will never be the same again when it comes to what we take for granted and what we cherish. Our friends and family will be much more important to us, our whims and fantasies less so. The Coronavirus will have taught us a lesson that we will never forget. The ‘simple things’ will take on a new value.

At least some of us will respond like that.      

The haves and the have-not’s story will also be different.

My inkling is that the balance of power will shift. The traditional view of those who have wealth, privilege, expensive toys, palatial mansions etc.  will no longer evoke envy and aspiration.

From where I’m standing, the most sought-after privilege will very likely be an individual’s ability to live a more wholesome life. 

And self-awareness is the first step to acquiring that.   

I got to thinking about all this yesterday as I was reading a fascinating article on the topic of biohacking, which was explained as ‘tapping into and minutely tweaking your biology so you become a super-improved version of yourself – stronger, smarter and supposedly alive for longer.’

My reaction swung between amazement, terror and back again.

Biohacking is not something for which you can nip into a wellness center on your lunch break and get back to work as a brand new you. The process has several elements and takes some considerable time. It also costs what for most people is a lot of money. The most exclusive bespoke package apparently costs around USD 300,000.

There may well be a self-awareness program attached to biohacking, but to be thoroughly ‘hacked’ you’d probably have to commit to a significant financial outlay.

A standalone self-awareness course costs a lot less.  

That said: whether you would consider shelling out big bucks to become Superman or Superwoman is entirely your business. But if you haven’t first sorted yourself out in terms of who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, your perceived wants and your needs and your motivating drives, all the hacking in the world won’t make you a better person.

And anyway, if you were Superwoman, or Superman, who would you hang out with? Would anyone else be super enough for you?