“Creativity allows for us to better understand ourselves and to connect with others,” said Lawrence J. Martin, PsyD, a psychologist and fine artist. He will exhibit two works in an upcoming show at Art Share LA. “Mirrors of the Mind 6” features artwork by members of the psychotherapy community. The annual event is sponsored by the Community Outreach Committee (COC) of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA) whose mission is to foster a culture of inclusiveness and respect for diversity in its organization and its community outreach efforts.

Martin said his work as an artist has helped him to be more centered, more grounded and in balance. “In creating, it helps to be patient and understanding of oneself, tolerant of mistakes and gentle in their correction or acceptance. This helps in my practice working with others and helping them to do similarly with themselves and others.” Martin will be exhibiting two works in the group show.

Lawrence J. Martin, PsyD, Martin Luther King, Graphite, 18”x24″ and Man Hole, Graphite, 18″x24″

Pamela McCrory, PhD, a co-founder of Mirrors of the Mind, has witnessed some inspirational stories through the years. “An artist/clinician whose work was included in our first Mirrors event told her story about how art was central to her recovery from a violent assault which left her with significant brain damage.” She had a promising start to her work as an artist prior to the assault, but was told that many of her cognitive injuries were permanent. She began taking art classes and rehabilitated through her artistic skills to a great degree. The Mirrors of the Mind gallery event was the first time she showed her artwork post the assault, and she continues to contribute each year. McCrory cited another participant in the show…Stuart Perlman, PhD, a psychologist and psychoanalyst. “He created an extensive body of work…portraits of homeless individuals in Venice, which has flourished since his participation in the initial Mirrors event. In subsequent years he has shown his work extensively and won professional awards for his contributions to social justice through the arts.”

Terry Marks -Tarlow, Sinuous, giclee printed on canvas, 24 x 34″

Co-founder Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD, is a therapist and an artist who will be exhibiting a giclée entitled Sinuous. She explained that while creating it, she found that she was attracted to both edges and the spaces between. “Sinuous is all about edges and the spaces between poses and different moments while working figuratively with live models.” Each edge represents a different pose by the same model during a single sitting. By layering poses and moods, she captures moving dynamics. She continued, “By using color to attend to the spaces between the edges, I can illuminate otherwise invisible, energetic levels of connection and transition, both across space and in time.”

“My personal experiences as an individual and as an artist taught me how to appreciate the human psyche,” said Milla Zeltzer, PsyD, a psychotherapist and artist whose work will be on view as part of Mirrors of the Mind 6 exhibition. “My therapeutic approach is dynamic and relational,” said Zeltzer, who was raised in the Soviet Union. “I strive to facilitate mindful awareness and healing rooted in warmth and compassion of a therapeutic relationship, and bring creativity and imagination to therapy, while helping to promote growth, emotional balance, and self-acceptance. I offer a culture-sensitive approach in working with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life transitions and relationship issues.”

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Natalia Boucher, LMFT, is also a talented photographer who is originally from Uruguay. “My biggest passion is the beach during sunset or sunrise. No one sunrise looks like another. Through these pictures you can see my soul and the nostalgic feelings of wanting to be back home.” Although Boucher’s main focus is photography, she is also interested in painting.

Natalia Boucher, The wind, (Metallic Paper + Acrylic 15×20), Navajo Point, Arizona

Celebrate the arts with dance, music and poetry at Art Share LA on Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The public can bid on exclusive items in the silent auction. The exhibition will remain on view from November 15th, to November 26th, 2017. Gallery Hours Wed-Sat 1- 6pm.

There is a $10 admission / $5 for students and LACPA members to attend the opening reception which will include appetizers, and refreshments. Art Share LA is located at 801 E 4th Place, LA, 90013. Find out additional info about this event on the FB Page or visit the website at http://www.lapsych.org/  http://artsharela.org/