We often use beer in our parties , but do you know that beer is good for our health? Studies have pointed out that some beer brings the same benefits as red wine, and may even be more than red wine!

Beer and bone health
In a study published in the February 2018 issue of the Journal of Food and Agriculture Nature, 100 beer commodities were examined and found that hops fermented by malt and barley contain strontium, a mineral that helps increase the density of bone minerals. But don’t rush to use beer as a substitute for milk! Because this study only tests the content of cockroaches in beer, not the bones, it should not be easily determined. In any case, this study does demonstrate that low-temperature brewing beer is a source of cockroaches and improves the feasibility of previous studies linking beer to bone health.

Beer and cardiovascular benefits
Drinking most alcohol can benefit cardiovascular health, so you may be wondering if beer will have the same benefits for you. In a large survey in 2003, men who drank beer and men who drank other alcohols found a relatively low risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, a large nurse health study found that women who drank beer were less likely to be affected by high blood pressure than women who drank red wine or other alcoholic beverages. Good news for beer lovers!

Antioxidant in beer
When it comes to antioxidants, we automatically think of fruits, vegetables and red wine, but beer too! The 2004 Canadian study showed that beer is a good source of antioxidants, providing no polyphenol protection with red wine. But not all antioxidant studies agree with the antioxidant effects of beer. For example, beer contains another antioxidant called xanthohumol. Xanthohumol can slow the growth of prostate cancer. But if you want to get enough yellow sulphur phenol from beer, then one person must drink 17 cans a day! Obviously, it is not wise to try to fight cancer by drinking beer, because citing too much beer will cause other harm to the body. Nowadays, many people like craft beer, which requires you to buy brewing equipment. Fortunately, there are many beer equipment suppliers in the world. We can choose nano brewing equipment manufacturer we like, Great!

Start drinking beer?
Before you open the beer can, remember that just like other alcoholic drinks, if you don’t have the habit of drinking, don’t start drinking because of the benefits of beer. In addition, if a woman drinks more than one can a day, or if men drink more than two cans, it will be harmful to health. So, please make beer a small part of a balanced and healthy diet.
Also, before you go to the bar, don’t forget to calculate the calories of the beer you want to drink. A can of beer has about 145 calories, and some dark beer has more than twice the calories! So for slimming friends, no one wants that terrible beer belly!

Beer lovers can continue to enjoy the benefits of beer! But drink alcohol in moderation.