It can’t be argued that one thing which a lot of important historical figures have in common is that they kept detailed and in-depth journals of their lives. The journals which these people had two primary functions: a therapeutic release for the writer, and a life-long point of reference. These two functions pose the two biggest benefits of journaling. Life is busy in general, and it can go by so fast, so when you take out a few minutes every day to journal, it really helps. Writing, in general, has a lot of benefits for your health. Writing regularly gives you a safe emotional outlet for all the stress that comes with daily life and living, and your journal provides a safe environment where you can relieve your burdens without fear of judgment which might come with pouring out your feeling to most people.

There are so many mental and emotional benefits of writing that social workers, therapists, and counselors and other professionals recommend it to many patients. If you haven’t already, you should get a journal, and adopt the habit of regular journaling. The first thing to do when you decide to start journaling is to pick out your means of journaling. You have the option of using a journal or notebook (pen and paper journaling), or a laptop. Extensive research has shown that while journaling with your laptop might be faster and gives you a lot of backup options, pen and paper journaling has more benefits.

Using a paper journal will help to improve your health and mood, helps to alleviate stress hormone levels and high blood pressure, it helps with memory and it improves eyesight. When selecting a paper journal, you have to pick out one that is damage-proof, and that is why a leather journal is the best option. A leather journal is, as the name implies, leather-bound and as a result, it is safe from liquid spills, and other common damages.

When you write on paper with a pen, you tend to feel a closer connection with the written words, as there’s a link between the physical presence and intimacy of the pen and paper. You also don’t make typographical errors such as typing the wrong keys and having to go back every minute. Paper journals are perfect for you if you’re a lover of the physical feeling of writing down your thoughts. A paper journal lets you have total physical control over your writing. Here are some other amazing benefits of journaling:

It helps in the achievement of your set goals: When you journal regularly, you tend to jot down your dreams and ambitions. By doing this, your brain gets signals of your goals and marks them as “important”. Next, your “reticular activating system (RAS)” tools and opportunities that are relevant to your goals, and before you know it, you’re well on your way to achieving your goal.

Your comprehension and memory are highly enhanced: A special relationship exists between the brain and the hand, and this is set off by the composition of ideas and thoughts. Ideas are represented by words, and when letters are formed, the mind is made to compose and re-compose these ideas while you’re journaling. This makes previously covered information more formidable, and you’re forced to partake in a cognitive recall.

Your creativity is sparked: Journaling is mostly “freestyle writing”, and as such, your creative juices are flowing endlessly while you write. Your expressive muscles are loosened up, and it also helps cure writer’s block.

Dealing with traumatic experiences: Researchers have revealed that at least 15-20 minutes a day for at least 3 days a week has been very effective in dealing with stressful and traumatic events. It has been extra effective in helping people with terminal diseases such as cancer. There is a Center for Journal Therapy that is especially dedicated to both the therapeutic and personal mental and health benefits of regular journaling.

Paper journaling offers you more security and privacy: Your privacy is more ensured when you make use of a paper journal. Your paper journal can’t be “hacked”, unlike a journal that’s on your phone or laptop. As long as it’s safely locked in your drawer or hidden deep in your wardrobe, you can confidently let people use your laptop without being scared that they’ll go through your journal.

The list of benefits which keeping a paper journal offers is virtually endless. The sooner you purchase your leather journal and get started with regular journaling, the better for you and your health. Writing engages and stimulates your brain more than typing, and many people argue that writing by hand is an experience that’s more authentic and raw. To get the full benefit of journaling, opt for a paper journaling.