Life with a full plate has benefits, as well as obstacles, both personally and in business. Pushing through day to day without taking time to slow down is detrimental to well being. The health risks associated with burnout should be enough to convince you to slow down. Headaches, joint pain, lack of sleep, heart disease, and obesity are all connected to long term stress. What you need to know is that burnout can be controlled, and the stress response can be stopped. While it is sometimes hard to resist the urge to just keep going, you need to make sure that you take time for a few effective lifestyle habits to keep you rejuvenated. Here are six strategies that will help you steer clear of burnout.

Phone A Friend

 Not to vent or talk about what is bothering you, but to ask them about what projects he/she is working on. This friendly chat is exactly the inspiration you need, and it is right in your contact list. When you hear good things from others it helps you to focus, and get back on track with solution based thinking. Avoid negative dialogue at all costs, it will only make things worse.

Enjoy Learning Lessons

You can choose to grow from your difficult times, and this can be achieved by taking time to reflect. Identify 3 lessons that have come about because of your tough time. This shifts your thinking to a more automatic connection of when the going gets rough, you learn, and get better. The next time you feel burnout creeping up, refer to your reflections from previous times, and utilize your solutions.

Put Good Food In

When healthy goes into the body, healthy manifests out. Burnout is the end of the fuel supply, and is a time to take extra care of your body. Seek out 5 minute recipes that are high in protein, and incorporate fruits and vegetables. Comfort food, like carbs, will only leave you feeling increasingly sluggish.

Get In The Dark

Clearing your mind of clutter is much easier to do when you minus out sensory input. Find a dark room, and sit in it for 5 minutes allowing your thoughts to wander. When time is up, spend another 5 minutes writing down your thoughts. When you are suffering from burnout, you are on repeat with the same thoughts and stimulus. If you don’t try something new, or attempt to clear your mind, you won’t feel inspired. 

Stop Comparing

It is quick and easy to look at others and want to do what they are doing, or have what they have. This “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality is unrealistic given that every lifestyle has its own unique challenges. Instead practice gratitude for what you do have, and focus your energy on the abundance of your own surroundings.

Put 60 Seconds On The Clock

Time yourself and make a to-do list in 60 seconds. Lack of control is common feeling associated with burnout, and a timed activity can help lessen anxiety. This facilitates increased control and consistency. Even if you do not check off your entire list, it helps paint a more realistic picture of your goals with control vs. panic.


  • Dr. Rubina Tahir

    I am a woman on a mission to inspire healthy lifestyles.

    When she is not in the office treating patients, you can catch her snuggling with her baby girl Viyana, sipping on a coffee, or running with her husband. Dr. Rubina has hosted and produced over 70 segments for My New Philly airing on Comcast 66.  For Dr. Rubina health is WHOLE and she is an advocate for diversity.  She is the co-host of Positively Social Podcast and the co-founder of The Positivity Charge, a national wellness conference. Dr. Rubina is known for her creative side, she has been quoted in Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily and Reader's Digest. She is has contributed articles for The Huffington Post Blog, Stack Magazine and Philly Man Magazine. As an instructor for New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Rubina educates Chiropractors for continuing education on topics such as sleep and ergonomics. She has contributed expert advice to outlets such as CBS Radio, WDAS FM, Greenberg News, WMCN TV, Daytime Toronto, and PHL17.