Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova from Pexels

Whenever I feel lonely, I find myself wallowing in self-doubt, thinking negative thoughts about myself. My entire demeanor becomes clouded and polluted.

What I try to do is find out why (or rather what), is making me feel this way. Have I isolated myself again, have I avoided the people in my life that I shouldn’t, have I been too much inside my own head? Yes, we do that, don’t we?

Third, ACT

The way you accept it is to acknowledge how you are feeling, ask what brought this into your life and what you can do to change it. Surround yourself with things that bring happiness into your life, take some time for self-care, feed yourself some spiritual “soul food”, speak gently to yourself or talk to someone and let them put some things on your spiritual table for you.

Devote some time to others, get outside, work on a hobby, write (I do, it’s very therapeutic), grab a journal, sometimes, just putting pen to paper helps us sort out all that tangled mess inside, share with others, speak up if you can, and do not isolate yourself. It is easy to do, but teach yourself to simply acknowledge what you are feeling, say “hmm” and get busy on filling that void with something purposeful. Roll up your sleeves and get involved.

These steps will help keep you from falling into the oblivion of being a party for one. Make reservations to change your approach.