The heart of a woman is a formidable force of nature that is sometimes appreciated, often feared, and forever present. It is the pulsing energy of womankind whose time has come in this age of Aquarius in order to balance the waning masculine force of raw and aggressive action with soft and nurturing guidance. As givers of life, we are loving mothers whose fierceness in protecting our children has no match. Our heart is the central part of humanity, where everything is birthed.

Mothers carry the joy and sorrow of the world in our hearts where we nurture and balance them both. There are times when our children need correction and we do so in order that they learn to be kind and industrious citizens of a global society. They may feel it as punishment, but we know it is love and we are willing to administer it firmly. In our families we make the rules and expect that they be honored so that all are secure and happy.

The heart of a woman is the heart of Mother Nature, living in her center, as an undying flame of care and concern for everything on the earth. We refer to nature as our Mother because she provides everything we need, not only to survive, but to live in comfort and joy. She looks after all her children—inanimate, vegetative, animal and human—with motherly instincts and an eye to when they need a firm hand.

Mother Earth is in correction mode these days. All of her children are misbehaving and the family of mankind is collapsing. Like any mother, she storms and breathes fire, but she is also capable of gentler, but no less serious, tactics. Sometimes she grounds us and takes away the things that we value the most. She speaks to us by example and action and expects that the consequences of our actions will change us, will get us back on track.

Are We Hearing Our Mother?

Do we understand why she is subjecting us to such losses and sufferings? Or will we leave our rooms and go back to our old way of being in the world?

She has taught us to be better than this: That because we live within her we are subject to her laws. That we are totally interconnected so everything we do affects others. That she is altruistic, thus we are to care for others. That we are dependent on each other for our very survival, so it is to our own benefit to be kind and generous. That everything is in exquisite balance and that harmony is our natural state. That we need her sun, rain, soil, minerals and beauty if our species is to survive.

She is deterministic and not swayed by our arguments that her rules are unreasonable. But, like all caring mothers, she gives us a choice: to live and act in alignment with her laws or not. Like grown-up children who still live at home, we have to follow certain rules of living together or she will kick us out. Yes, she will.

She seems to be getting really tired of us cluttering up the place, so she has put a stop to our egoistic activities and demanded that we slow down and think about things. Coronavirus, despite its global impact on all of our societal structures, is really a gentle correction, compared with what she could do—storming or burning or quaking millions of us at a time off her face.

Activating the Heart of the Woman

Our time has come, Sisters of the world. We have within us the ability and the power to change the world, and Nature is telling us that the time is now. The saying that behind every great man there is a great woman riles some of us, but think about. What better place is there to be than as influencers of the men who presume to govern us?

They will continue to compete and conquer and wage war unless we firmly show them how cooperation and collaboration are better. They will continue to send our precious children to fight those they designate as enemies unless we emphatically deny them the opportunity. They will act out their nature in the way that men do, acting aggressively to effect a quick fix, without the full understanding of the consequences of their actions on those they love. It is our very nature to know these things are so.

The masculine nature has taken us to the bellicose attitude of the world that now prevails and those in power are frightened by their understanding that it is coming to an end. Nature is demanding it. The waning Piscean values of money, power and control are not in alignment with those of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity which are now emerging.

We are not being asked to go to the streets, to take office (although many of us will), to topple statues, to burn bras, to preach and lecture. We are being reminded to feel within us the heart of One Woman and to perform our everyday actions out of that place of love and caring. It is activating the heart of Mother Nature, our collective heart, to be one that beats loudly like a drum to announce that the new world will be one of connection with each other above all else. It is the strengthening of our innate power and the taming of the impulses of the men we love—an exquisite act of balancing. It is an inside job.