It has been over two years I and my husband got separated and a year after we got our divorce finalized. We co-parent our 5-year-old girl whom we are really proud of. Initially, like every other divorced parent, I though co-parenting could be really messy and tricky as I will have to meet my ex every week, but I could not deprive my husband of his daughter’s love and vice versa.

Soon, I realized co-parenting can really be blissful and actually; it is one of the best things that has resulted from my divorce. If you are not convinced yet, let me get straight to the benefits I experience by co-parenting.

Co-parenting Makes the Child Feel Safer:

One of the biggest fears I had from our divorce was that my daughter is going to be shattered to know that her parents are not going to be together anymore. This can be a traumatizing experience for any kid and can actually affect them psychologically. Because we decided to co-parent, my daughter did feel a little under the weather initially, but she soon realized that she still has two parents who care about her and she felt much safer and normal.

In Co-parenting, Parents are Respectful with Each Other:

Divorce can be a messy affair but if the couple decides to co-parent, then they stay in each other’s lives and form a different kind of bond because of their kid. This makes then respect each other and build a better cordial relationship with each other.

Co-parenting is Easy on the Parents:

Being a single parent sucks as you will have to do everything alone including managing the finances. The worst part is that as you are the only person responsible for the kid, you will literally have no life. On the contrary. the best part about co-parenting is that you get 10-15 days in a month for yourself. The expenditures are also shared hence growing a kid does not become a burden.

I and my ex-husband have devised a calendar where he gets to keep my daughter on the weekends and holidays, and she stays with me during her school days. The best part is that we swap as per our convenience as we understand each other’s issues. Last month I had to get pest control done in my apartment and had no place to stay for a day, because of the cordial bond me and my ex-husband share due to co-parenting, he invited me to stay over in his guest room and I was happy to accept his help.

Co-parents Help in Disciplining the child Better

If you get sole custody of the child, the child may start losing bond with the other parent which may disrupt the child life and studies have shown that such insecure kids are more prone to going on the negative side.

Co-parenting brings stability in the child’s life and two parents setting boundaries can make sure that the child id on the right track.

While divorce is ugly, co-parenting has its own perks, for you as well as your kid hence why not enjoy it to create a healthy bond with your ex and make your child not feel family deprived.


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