Who is this man? How do we associate our own “Stories” or share them when it comes to our stories, happenings or journey/s?

Part of the inspiration or root to this series we lined up we chose to release and publish on none other than Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist, Ali Delaram.  

I’ve only known him for a few weeks at this point for you to get an inside look where most can’t see from me, Sia.

We, like anyone else I ever have in my inner circle and associate with, naturally attracted but it was almost as we both were used to it. 

This immediately resulted in new business and growth. Relationships like these typically result in exponential growth yet how, and why? 

Quick liquidation of another set of businesses everyone around him, but me, understood why and approved of his recent “exits.” This was looking back from one year but why is this mysterious man of so many hats so important to share about? 

Why, what does he carry and represent that other public figures, international speakers and authors like myself share, practice and aim to spread and help people with?

A few takeaways before a juicy story about his most recent endeavor and an all new industry he promised himself he would 

tap into about a decade or so ago. 

  1. He relies and depends on his training
    1. My Eureka moment: This guy has also invested tons into himself and we carry so many of the similar beliefs when it comes to not only business but life, he is the epitome of an Adventurist.
    2. Willing to leave space to understand your role, your lane and focus on the people around you, lifting them up…this is what Culture is all about, its an “Intangible resource” we call it in business school for all my MBAS (Cue the funny laugh face emoji). I didn’t let my degree or things define me what really defines you is most important and we share in my business and brand…this is Your Training!
    3. On a drive one day months back on the way asking me about my approach to training others and I reminisced a video I did on one of my pages. A must see! >>  bit.ly/greatnessspeaks  << He kept asking me a question, I got annoyed and said lets stay focused but literally spun in my seat and learned why he had me give that spiel that brought me back.
    4. Only less than a few weeks later we were speaking (Our first talk together) – professor for the day, it was epic to tap into my stage presence and his and what I took away was that its true, and better to have fun because that’s what most lack and those who have the most fun typically went through more turmoil. Take a minute to pause and ask  yourself with me who the most HAPPY and joyful person usually is in your life? And who someone who had a rough life or circumstances?  I repeat this because he knew part of my drive and my definition of success, this is the super powers that create dynamic teams and more importantly back again to one word

Culture. Its something you bring everywhere you step foot into if you focus on never relenting as a leader, executive or just person you’ve grown and developed into.

I knew when most ‘made fun,’ because I was there and it attracted more growth more opportunities we capitalized on and as a result an acquisition of a world class talent agency, yup that’s right! Hollywood baby! Or lalaland as I personally like to and have known to call it.

Something I aspired to, loved and promised I would be apart of further more from my experiences in the “entertainment space or industry,” coming from MGMT.  Again, it grew was a lot of fun, I got to play a part and see and experience things I told my future self I would and tons, and not even after a full 2 quarters I get another ‘Ali call,” uh oh whats happening now, could it be this, that, the new contract? Our new app partner project? 

No, this was a meeting called for and was one thing he remembered my perspective, humbled eternally and mentioned its done. POOF. sayonara, alvedazen, adios, and khouda-hafez.

My response: Wait what? No more?! No way! How

I mean tons of people, are left questioning why. 

Well, that is for you to find out – bonus take away: Make Sure Your Next Move is always better than your last move, because there is nothing more important than avoiding the comfort zone, so as always from me @Theoracleofoc #GetAdventurous

These are the stories and not just takeaways but we are bringing you first hand from situational experiences not fabricated, the BTS as us Millennials call it, or “Behind The Scenes” stuff most never get to hear about or see that is “behind closed doors.” Stuff, the trials, tribulations, they had to overcome that most never see behind their “success.”

“Stay true to YOU, no matter WHAT your involved in or involves you and my rules are simple, honesty, and unity first…when I eat we eat.”

Enjoy and inspire someone with this piece so we can reach and spread messages that matter like this one behind Mr. Ali Delaram.  Mr. Hot Shot himself and see whats next with this man and how you too can be apart of his ecosystem, so to speak.

I thank you and hope you enjoyed another man behind an esteemed brand and that you and whoever you feel compelled to share this with digest these special gems.

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