The journey of the Empath is varied and often comes from a place of darkness within the Light. It is a serious vocation and a Soul who has many lives to complete. A Soul with many missions but none greater than holding the Light within the depths of planetary darkness and challenge. Most Empaths are aware of their energetic mission, of which I speak, but younger Souls may still be learning from the elders who are here to teach. It is a silent unspoken mission and one that requires energetic stamina and maturity to process successfully.

As Empath’s we have an innate wisdom and sensitivity matched only by the associated gift of intuitive cognizance. We are here to be the energy filters of the universe but particularly on Planet Earth. Constant global energy shifts through the interaction of man’s habitation of Earth require our attention and balance.

We, as energetic balancers, regularly exhibit and experience signs of what may be viewed as ‘depression’, ‘bi-polar’ and other human cognitions of our ‘dis-ease. It is in fact, energetic balancing, which we are here to process on a global scale. It has taken me many years and imbalances in energetic alignment to fully comprehend my role in this global phenomenon

Scientists have proven the existence of energy in many forms, even that which surrounds (auric field) and is within the human physical body. However, they would most likely argue with energetic phenomena of which I speak here.

That aside I can assure you that my own experience has borne this out. When you consider that everything is comprised of energy, albeit at varying vibrational frequencies, is it so surprising that specific humans who have the ability & gift (Intuitive Empaths) have an important role to play in keeping this delicate balance?

The vibrational frequency of global energy (Schumann Resonance) (Ref:

has been shifting sporadically for some time now, and these energy shifts have been scientifically recorded. Those of us who are empathic Souls have been working hard quietly to process the fluctuations and incoming higher frequencies in an effort to anchor it onto this planet, so that all humankind may ascend and awaken spiritually at this auspicious time in our evolution.

Depressive type symptoms, physical and emotional overwhelm coupled with a deep feeling & desire to find some flicker of hope and Light in the otherwise sense of pervading darkness is common to experience. Other symptoms can be strong muscular discomfort and physical pain which is sudden onset and otherwise unexplainable. The only relief I have discovered has been to write down what you are experiencing in a private journal – the physical expression is the key to processing the energies through your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Deep breathing, mindfulness and staying in the present moment also helps to relieve the pressure of overwhelm from within the physical body. But especially, remembering, “This too shall pass & all will be realigned and balanced” is my most precious mantra when all else, appears to be failing.

In extreme experiences of excessive overwhelm, it has proven helpful to close your eyes, and connect energetically to all other Empaths on Earth, the strength of the combined energy, together with the power of slow deep breathing has been most effective during major energetic shifts. Of course, this energetic connection is severed when the energetic intensity normalises. Honouring our Sensitivity and following our intuitive energetic impulses is key to the successful anchoring of the higher frequency energies onto our beautiful planet.

It is an important part of every Intuitive Empaths Journey on Earth at this time of Spiritual & Conscious Awakening.

Yvonne Clarke is “The Savvy Sensitive” Coach for Highly Sensitive Women & Intuitive Empaths, who wish to master their gift and own the impact it creates in life & business. Web: