One word– money. 

Many of us have been chained, for what pretty much feels like our entire life, to money. Money is one of the most controversial and fiery hot topics out there.  In fact, it used to be a topic that had me completely mystified when I was younger. Before I understood “wealth consciousness” I was a struggling psychotherapist, working all hours of the day and then some, just to make ends meet.  I found myself $75,000 in student loan debt, struggling to pay my bills, and completely exhausted from my lifestyle.

I remember thinking to myself:

“How can this be my epic life, trading hours for dollars?!”

That’s when I came to the realization that money was holding me back from my true soul’s calling to help people and still enjoy life. 

While I loved the field of psychotherapy for fulfilling my heart’s purpose, I knew that my Queenly duty was to help even more people. With the more people I was being called to help, I needed to make a lot more money. To both keep my own well-being a priority and make an incredible impact in the world, money was the answer.

Once I healed my relationship with money, changed my money-mindset, and developed a truly Divine “wealth consciousness,” I was able to thrive and contribute massively to the world around me with my own multi-million dollar company, Divine Living.  I work hard, but still find myself in Paris, or India, or the South of France.  I have a jam-packed calendar, but equally a jam-packed passport. Life has been deliciously Divine since the day I realized what was available to me.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a place of lack, to wonder how someone else is living out their dream life, and to feel baffled watching others manifesting the money of their desires.  

Well, I am here to share the same light with you that was shared with me, so that you aren’t left in a complete fog of unhealthy relationships and beliefs when it comes to money.  While we are going to break ground and have your head spinning with the possibility that is available to you, remember that it is important you also continue to study this concept, read multiple books, and immerse yourself into this epic consciousness!

Money is currency. Therefore, money is energy.  Wow! Once you really instill this belief into your mindset, all sense of lack dissolves.  Energy is always accessible, meaning that money is also always accessible. What a relief, right?  There is never “not enough money” in the world to support you. You might be wondering right now, “well, that’s great and all, but then why don’t I have money?”  Ah, well this is a whole other beast in itself. This is the disconnect many people find themselves in. It’s not that money isn’t available, it’s our own belief that we are not worthy of it— our shame, guilt, shyness to earn it, that causes us to be in a constant struggling relationship with it. 

Prior conditioning.  That brings me to our next point.  How many of you grew up with an unhealthy relationship when it came to money?  Your parents were constantly arguing about money, hoarding every penny in savings, struggling to make ends meet, saying it wasn’t spiritual to earn it when so many others were in need, having excessive amounts of it and then being overly lavish with it, riding a rollercoaster when it came to spending, this list could go on.  Think back to when you were a child, what were some beliefs that you formed around money given the way adults around you used and talked about it? I know for me, it was not talked about in terms of abundance, that’s for sure. What happens is we then take on someone else’s rulebook about how we should earn and spend.  This haunts us into our adult-life, keeping us stuck in the vicious cycle. 

Today, we are going to bust that ugly cycle!

Understand that you are capable of making money.  God wants you to make the money you need to carry out your calling.  Now, this isn’t about a certain number or who can have the most of it.  This is about your Divine calling and how much you need in order to have that impact and still have your comfort and sanity.  This is about you creating your own rulebook.

Take action.  Now that you understand there is money, it wants to help you fulfill your purpose, and you are worthy, it’s time to take action and go get it.  Don’t fall victim to taking yourself out of the game before you even try, by telling yourself anything other than those listed facts. Part of taking action is giving yourself permission to.  Now, those old programmed limiting beliefs, they run deep. Your past conditioning isn’t something that will evaporate just from reading this article. STUDY. Read every single book you can on the topic, recite any and all mantras that will condition your brain to believe it, and then go out there and earn it.  Queens, the epic life is on the other side of what’s between your temples. Allow yourself to release what you’ve been told with what you know to be true.

My wish is that this article will help shine a light on the foundation of your wealth consciousness, break the barriers of the past, show you what’s possible when you surrender to the Divine, and truly go for what’s on your heart.  The world needs your wealth–physically, mentally, and spiritually to shift others into their potential. Now, go claim it!