For the second session of our ‘Emotional & Mental Health in The Age of the Virus’ seminar series, we welcomed esteemed therapist, anger management guru & best-selling author, Mike Fisher, in conversation with You Okay, Doc? Psychotherapist, Chris Cherry about how our brain and bodies react to adversity – and how to turn that adversity into opportunity. 

Mike Fisher and Chris Cherry discussed:

– What happens when we’re faced with adversity

– The 6 rules for when you are on fight, flight or freeze

– How we can utilise metaphors to reframe our experience

– The relationship between self-defence anger and toxic shame

About Mike Fisher

Mike is an esteemed therapist and author, and leading authority on Anger Management and Trauma Incident Therapy.  Amongst many achievements, he is the Founder of the British Association of Anger Management and the Centre for Men’s Development in London. He is also author of ‘Beating Anger’ and ‘Mindfulness and the art of managing anger’. Appeared on various programmes including the BBC’s ‘Can’t Stop Losing My Cool’.

The ‘Emotional & Mental Health in The Age of the Virus’ is a Seminar Series hosted by Psychotherapist Chris Cherry. Join us every Thursday at 7pm. 

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