When you are on your phone, doing your things and someone tries to peep in, your immediate knee jerk reaction is to lock the phone, so they don’t see what you are doing. Undoubtedly you can relate to this situation as it’s something most of us do. Why is it then that we keep our minds and emotions open to people and situations that invade our personal & well-being space?

As soon as we wake up, the first thing we do is going through our feeds, texts, emails, absorbing all the emotions contained in them. As the day proceeds, we come across more people and situations that are not necessarily positively contributing to uplift our soul or well-being. We might be part of conversations where our self-confidence is questioned, or our emotions are played with. We keep on absorbing all that happens around us, into our minds and emotions and these emotions are what decides how our day goes and ends. 

We have a lock button, that we hardly make use of. When we are in a situation or around people who don’t contribute to a positive us, rather than taking those things personally and absorbing them into our lives, press the lock button. Let those things reach just the surface body of you than it entering into your mind.

Your emotions originate from your thoughts. Your thoughts and emotions represent the determining factors of how you perform your routine chores. A positive mind thinks positive, allowing the person to act positively thereby creating a reality that’s positive for the person. 

Every day, we are exposed to a huge number of fellow human beings and every interaction with them either impacts us positively or negatively. Absorb the positiveness. Anything negative, as soon as you feel it’s negative, rather than absorbing, tap the lock button. Allow what happens outside of you, stay outside of you.