At the core of any well-rounded, successful, and long-lasting organization is a human-centric strategy that is sincere and authentic.

On this episode of my What’s Next! podcast, I has the pleasure of talking with the Chief Marketing Officer at Freshly, Mayur Gupta. According to Mayur, your company’s culture is key to the culture you are trying to build around your product. It’s important and indispensable to use everything at your disposal: math, science, research.

Strive to be Consumer-Focused

His experience as an engineer provides him with a different perspective on marketing. During our conversation, Mayur recalls what marketing used to be. Fifteen years ago, a salesperson’s role was very different than a marketer’s role. It was a time led by brands. Now, we are in a consumer-led era in which consumers have all the power.

Your goals as an organization should always be customer-focused, and that starts within your organization with your very first customer: your employee. You cannot be customer-focused if you do not first care about the people you work with, because they are the brand. 

Put Humans at the Center of Your Company

Not all organizations have it figured out—keeping and maintaining the same business philosophy is a lot easier than completely shattering it. If your company has always been based around a certain product or type of technology, you should try to start basing your business around your customers and being more culturally aware.

Culture isn’t static and will never be static. As you hire more diverse people to your company, you will bring more diversity to your culture. However, the one thing that should not change, as your company grows, is your company’s values.

Overall, the growth your company experiences is a journey. The things in your company’s respective industry will continue to change based on what your consumers actually want from your company. The best thing your company can do is to change with what your consumers demand.

Mayur Gupta is the Chief Marketing Officer at Freshly, where he is leading a team of marketers to make Freshly an iconic brand and drive breakthrough growth. Before Freshly, Mayur was the Global VP for Growth & Marketing at Spotify, the Chief Marketing Officer at Healthgrades and the first-ever Global Chief Marketing Technologist at Kimberly Clark, one of the largest global consumer packaged goods companies. In 2014, Mayur was recognized as one of the “40 under 40” leading marketers in the industry by Brand Innovators, was profiled by the Harvard Business Review and the Economist as the model Chief Marketing Technologist, and also received the CMO Programmatic Award by the CMO Club. He sits on the Board Of Directors for D’Addario and TropicSport, and on various Advisory Boards including the IBM’s CMO Council, Brand Innovators and Global MarTech Conferences.

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