As tech advances and competitive benefits entice skilled employees, a mobile workforce was an inevitable reality. Part of that mobility would naturally include remote work. However, the past few months have accelerated that process. Now that employers and employees realize that they may be working remotely for a while, investing in home office furniture becomes a priority. To keep up with this demand, we’ve shifted our focus.

What We’ve Learnt About The Home Office During COVID-19

We have had to adapt to identify better ways to support the workforce with our furniture inventory.

Mark Awtry, President of Office Furniture Center in Chicago, noted, “We have seen great results over the past several months in pivoting our main focus from small businesses to individuals furnishing their home office. It is a market we never really focused on before and have seen great responses from it.”

In light of this, we’ve discovered several critical aspects that customers should consider when creating a work-from-home office.

Ergonomic Chairs Are Essential

Over the past few months, our sales in ergonomic chairs, including Herman Miller Aeron chairs, Steelcase Leap chairs, Knoll Generation, and Haworth Zody chairs, have drastically increased. Employees are realizing that a dining chair is ineffectual, negatively affecting their posture and wellness, and limiting their productivity.

Becoming Sedentary Is A Reality

Gyms are closed. You can’t interact with colleagues in common areas or walk around the office for a quick coffee break. Reducing your space to only a few square feet is a nightmare if you want to keep active. We’ve found that the easiest way to get active is to purchase an adjustable desk. Many of our customers are taking a keen interest in these types of desks so they can adjust it to an appropriate height throughout the day to avoid becoming sedentary.

Multipurpose Spaces Are Ideal

The need to knock down entire walls to create a home office isn’t feasible for most of the workforce. Workers still want to maintain a homey atmosphere while having a dedicated space in which to work. Because of this, compact and versatile pieces are a preference.

The Environment Takes Center Stage

We’re an eco-conscious office furniture supplier. Therefore, we regularly evaluate our practices to reduce our footprint. As remote work increases, we’ve designed a significant catalog of used office furniture. Doing this not only allows us to reduce costs for customers but also prevents furniture from going to landfills and reduces waste caused by manufacturing new pieces.

Going forward, maintaining your productivity should be a priority. Therefore it’s essential to focus on finding the right pieces to build your home office. Even as industries open up, remote working remain a reality for many.