Can you see:

The issue is not God or Enlightenment.

The issue is not that you have lesser possessions.

The issue is not that you have relationship conflicts.

The issue is not that you have lesser knowledge or capacity.

The issue is not that your scientific and technological innovations are not advanced

The issue is that you experience pain and uncertainty in daily life (due to any reason). If you can dissolve this, resolve this – you have cracked the secret code.

One is under the illusion as if ideas about God, more possessions, smooth relations, more knowledge, capacity, advanced technology and so on will dissolve, resolve pain and uncertainty.

Something troubles you; for something you are unable to find a rational, logical, satisfactory answer; something irritates you; something gives you feeling of insecurity, fear-to come to this point, to face in whatever form the discomfort, you experience ‘as it is’ takes you to the Truth. All insecurity, fear, irritations, confusions are psychological discomforts. Not to shy away from this discomfort by glossy explanations, to see, to acknowledge the discomfort without any explanation is the key.

Can you see that you are already relieved unless in immediate physical danger? Now you may use possessions, operate with relations, technology and so on to live.

Supreme relaxation and discomfort play the endless game of life.