Virtue is considered to be one of the essences of the human experience. Paint it on a man, and you see harmony among men. Paint it on a woman, and the entire world regenerates into a healing state. Wars have ended. The nature of gentility and sharing moves throughout the land. When a woman is virtuous, the blessings (and abundance) of life’s treasures move through the land.

For a man to have fallen in love with a virtuous woman means he has ascended to a higher level of morality. There is true devotion in wanting to elevate to a higher state. He is moving into a grander, spiritual consciousness. A virtuous woman teaches a man the true source of womanhood. Abundance. Righteousness. Love. Spiritual Essence. There is a neverending list to it, all. Guiding him through it all, he awakens into a deeper part of himself, which has never been explored, prior to. A virtuous woman does not trap him. She does not engage in manipulative tactics in order to secure him. Not at all. She simply permits herself to, be. When all of that is done, then one has a way of moving through the greatest depths of one’s love and life’s purpose.

Let it be clear and simple, now. A man recognizes a virtuous woman, when he sees one. And my, what a treasure he has stumbled upon! There are no greater Earthly riches, which can be more valuable than a woman of virtue. None more valuable, at all.

So, we stumble across the song, “Areti,” and its message remains ever boisterous and true. A woman has captured a man’s heart in such a way, that one had never experienced nor explored, such a power. It is beyond powerful and a reflection of Heavenly teachings on the Earth. That’s it right there. A woman guides a man to Heaven’s gates. At least she is supposed to.

He fell in love with virtue, for it is her name. What more is it to this story, than to fall for her, again?