It’s almost midnight on the eve of a new American president. Over the last few weeks, I have gone from absolute denial to anger and was even driven to tears after hearing about Trump’s first press conference post-election. I say “about it” because I can’t bear to listen to him speak.

Over the last few weeks, I promised to stick my head in the proverbial hole for four years, waiting for this mess to pass. But as the horror of what we are about to face hit me, I realized that my family’s immigrant story wouldn’t be a successful one had we cowered in fear every time we hit a bump in the road.

They day we celebrated my American citizenship. I was nineteen.

No English? Keep trying. No papers? Keep trying. New culture? Keep trying. The list goes on and on. But we always keep going. That is our golden rule. Was I about to let this failure as a nation define the future of our nation? Hell no. That has never been me, and I am not about to let failure define me now.

Finding the Power of One in Each of Us

One of my growing concerns is the new administration’s policy on immigration. So I thought about the tools at my disposal and realized that my power of one can quickly turn into six hundred, or one thousand voices if I can somehow play a role in uniting the masses.

And so I made the decision to stand up and attempt to re-invigorate the group that I have been a quiet member of for over three years now. I became “president” of Por Colombia NY Professional Chapter by chance, but had not taken ownership of it because well, I wasn’t sure there was any reason to do it. Admittedly it hasn’t been a very active group although we are 600 registered members. Until now.

We were going to keep the new website quiet a few more weeks because it’s not quite finished yet. But that’s the point, isn’t it? We should finish it with the collective group of voices that it is meant to represent. Not just “por Colombia” (for Colombia) but for America, and the immigrant nation that needs us to stand together.

So members, join us again. But prepare to BE ACTIVE. Why? Because at some point, I guarantee that as an immigrant, you (or your family) received a helping hand. We must participate.

We hope you will contribute your immigration story so that we can inspire and unite. Do not sit in silence while such a loud, negative voice rings across the world. Let’s unite to help protect the communities that will be most affected by this presidency.

Feel free to reach out via Facebook (group) or Twitter anytime.

Originally published at on January 20, 2017.

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