We all have been through the financial stress phase. In fact, saying that we often experience financial stress wouldn’t be wrong. The American Psychological Association took a survey in 2007 in which it was observed that 61 percent of Americans face stress due to financial issues. Hence, money has become the main reason for stress among people.

It’s okay if a household repair is pending, it will be fixed eventually. Or if you are stressed about getting over your ex, you will be fine after some time. In short, these kinds of stressors get resolved with time. The worst kind of stress is financial stress when you have to pay student loans or bills but you don’t have enough money. Now you are unable to do anything which affects your health as well as wellness. Don’t neglect your health because of financial stress as it can cause the following severe health and wellness issues.

1 – Unable to Sleep – Insomnia, we all have experienced this at least once in our lives. Too much stress causes hyperarousal, a biological state which is commonly known as insomnia. In this state, you don’t feel sleepy and stay awake even for several days and nights. Also, long-term stress leads to chronic stress which includes sleep disorders.

2 – Encounters Severe Headaches – When stressed, you may experience severe headaches almost all the time. Your brain experiences vascular changes which are caused by adrenaline (epinephrine) and cortisol that leads to a headache or a migraine. Apart from that, stress also tenses muscles which make the migraine pain even worse.

3 – More Heart Attacks – Although medical sciences have become so advanced we are still unaware of the relationship between stress and heart attack. However, a recent study helped us understand this mystery a bit. A survey of 200,000 Europe employees was taken. According to the study, 23% people are more likely to experience the first heart attack than those who don’t stress about jobs and financial issues.

4 – Weak Memory – Another health issue that stress causes is having a weak memory. The cortisol hormone interferes and weakens the ability to make new memories due to too much stress. A brain consists of millions of neurotransmitters. When too much stress occurs, the hormone interferes with neurotransmitters which makes it difficult to think straight or remember things.

5 – Too Much Hair Loss – Yes, too much stress causes too much hair loss!

When you are worried about paying bills and loans, hair damage also occurs. According to a research, stress plays a major role in hair loss and it is scientifically known as Alopecia Areata. Another drawback is Trichotillomania. In this condition, a person doesn’t want to pull out the hair from scalp which also causes hair damage.

6 – Less Number of Brain Tissues – A brain consists of different parts. When a person experiences financial stress, the amount of tissues decreases in the part of the brain which regulates self-control and emotions. This damage makes future stresses even more difficult.

7 – Low Sex Drive – Stress even affects your sexual life. When you are stressed, how are you supposed to enjoy this factor? Moreover, it leads to sexual dysfunctions like low sex drive, erectile dysfunction etc. When you are not able to satisfy your partner, it ultimately causes relationship problems.

8 – Poor Skin Health – It has been proven that stress causes skin related issues. According to a research, people get more pimples and acne during exams than a less stressful phase. It may even cause Psoriasis – a disease in which red and scaly patches are formed on the skin particularly scalp, knees, and elbows. This can be improved by using gelatin.Gelatin maintains gut health and digestion, protects joints and lowers joint pain, helps improve sleep quality, lifts mood and ignites cognitive abilities, mends skin health, helps uphold heart health, preserves strong bones, and helps you feel complete. The big question many ask is gelatin good for you?.

The bottom line is financial stress causes both physical and mental health issues. In order to get rid of financial stress, one needs to keep a check on spending and maintains the credit score. When your bills are paid and there are no loans, you can enjoy a stress-free and healthy life.