Despite the fact that meditation has been widely practiced in Asia over centuries, until recently, most of the Western countries considered meditation as an “unnecessary” activity. Yet, the continuous scientific research on the effectiveness and benefits of this technique has eventually changed its perception and acceptance among Western civilization, and currently many people, regardless of their religious orientation, turn to this relaxing technique.

Now you can easily come across dedicated meditators all over Europe and America. Meditation has come to substitute workouts at the gym since this technique of relaxation is not only intended to cure the body but the mind and soul altogether.

Most often, individuals with different emotional background, who quite frequently deal with tension on daily basis, incorporate meditation into their daily life, aiming to maintain better health.

Well, at least once in a lifetime each of us has found themselves in a stressed and tensed situation. It is common to feel tensed and be filled with negative thoughts. Our brain is covered with hundred thought throughout the day, over 60 percent of which turn to be negative thoughts that eventually harm ourselves.

Meditation can be an ideal technique to view one’s thoughts differently, from another angle. We learn to control the mental time travel, fussing about the future and dwelling on actions from the past. But luckily for us, instead of following an upsetting thought from all the possible ones, we take a deep breath, try to recognize this given thought for what it is, and let it go afterward. So having created a new thought pattern, we make a success in regards to training our brains to worry less. For some, this may sound strange, but many scientific types of research and the example of thousands of people relaxing through meditation proves that meditation, in fact, can manage stress.

Stress changes our feelings, making us uncomfortable, and by tangling things it makes difficult for us to deal with the simplest tasks, this way causing headaches and heart problems, as well as hair loss. Eventually, we are forced to see a doctor, attend therapies, take pills or for the purpose of stopping hair loss, take natural ways to block DHT.

So let’s confess, stress is an inseparable part of our lives, regardless of the fact we like it or not. To this end, it is highly recommended that each of us takes immediate measures to stop anxiety and achieve a better well-being.

There are a number of ways to overcome tension and change your lifestyle for good. Among the so many techniques, today’s world is offering us – expensive pills, stress management therapies, a visit to a psychologist or a vacation, meditation stands out for its effectiveness and easiness.

Meditation and mindfulness help both our mind and body to relax and concentrate, opens new perspectives and allows us to take things differently, analyze them and why not stop judging too hard, instead of practice forgiveness. With the help of mindfulness, we eliminate our body from negative thoughts, which are the roots that give birth to body physical stress. As has been proved, even a short meditation can still be helpful for us.

Before you start meditating, there are some tips to consider:

– It is highly recommended that you meditate every day of the week, and if you want to turn it into a regular action do it at an exact time.
– Refrain from drinking coffee before your meditation.
– It is not advisable to meditate when being full of energy, especially after eating.
– Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable while you are meditating.
– It is important to stay focused during your meditation so get in the room, close the door and turn off the phone. These are some really precious moments and the only thing you should do is to pay some attention to yourself.

It may be hard in the beginning, but stay calm. With the passing of time, you will be able to learn it perfectly, to enjoy it and to get the best of it.

Another important thing to is to start thinking positive and learn taking deep breaths. We should learn to take deep breaths and relieve stress and tension. Deep and attentive breathing exercises help us to forget about the tense situation and send signals to our brain that things are getting calmer and relaxed. To start with:

– Take a long breath
– Hold it a couple of seconds
– And take an exhalation afterward 

Visualize how the air stream gets in your nose, and how the air spreads throughout the body while you are holding your breath, and finally, the air comes forth from your mouth.

To put it short, if you take a deep breath for a short period of time, for instance, 5 minutes could be fine, you will change the atmosphere around you, as if you’re relaxing in the middle of a tense situation, hence fool your brain into thinking you are actually relaxed.

We must not even try to block our brain from thinking, an absence of thinking can do no good to us. Let’s admit that most of our thinking occurs unconsciously anyway. Like any other organ, the brain has specific functions which it perfectly handles regularly. As the mind’s job to think, similar to eyes for sight and ears for hearing, it becomes absurd to imagine you no longer see or hear, the same is with thinking?
Once your brain is not busy with thoughts, it finds itself in an unnatural situation, and this practice can even turn to harm you, rather than easing your anxiety.

In addition to the above mentioned in regards to meditation and its benefits, I must suggest that one does not necessarily need to have a particular reason to start meditating. Even if we are living a happy life, keeping control over our thoughts and actions, as well as emotions, meditation can still be very beneficial, it can add to our well-being, as well as substitute too many expensive supplements, that are intended to take away our negative thoughts and bring peace to our mind.

Meditation can also be the best choice for isolating yourself from the world around you. Suppose you are coming home after a long day at the workplace, where you had no chance to remain alone with your thoughts as too many tasks were all ahead of you, now that you are finally home, it is high time to take care of your little “grey cells”. Put on your favorite clothes, choose the best spot in your place and spend some quality time on your thoughts. Of course, too many thoughts will rapidly emerge, however, given the favorable conditions of being at sweet home, will help filter negative thoughts and let them go. Just give a try and see how this experience may work for you.

Also, depending on the type of work you are engaged in, you can also try to meditate at work. 

Among the many benefits of practicing meditation at work are:

–  Improvement of concentration
– Less likely to be distracted
– Open-mindedness and ability to learn new things easily,
– Ability to weight the pros and cons of a situation and handle it in your benefit.
– And finally, meditation warms you up and equips you with an abundance of energy, a positive one, which is essential for retaining activity and creativity throughout the day.

And most importantly, meditation can help overcome a number of illnesses caused by continuous stress and tension. As mentioned earlier, among the many health problems caused by tension and anxiety are hearth issues, headaches, exhaustion, and hair loss.

Hair loss is a common symptom and in most cases an inevitable phenomenon during long-term stress. The good news for people experiencing hair loss caused by tension is that not all anxiety related hair loss is permanent. By reducing the anxiety you can have your hair back.

But in some cases, meditation and anxiety reduction are not enough for gaining the hair back. There are a series of other Natural ways to block DHT. As you may wonder what DHT is, let me explain it in short: 

DHT, which is derived from testosterone hormone, is an enemy of hair follicles. Said in simple words, DHT wants them dead. This way it may be the cause of hairlessness.

To sum up, meditation has so many advantages that a single supplement or therapy could not provide at once. This highly valued technique of relaxation, peace and mind training, is not only pleasant but also useful. It helps overcome stress and tension, a thing that gradually tears our mind and body off and turns us into unhappy persons.

Through meditation, one learns to view things differently, acknowledge what in fact a given thought means and what makes it stick to our mind that firm, and after thoroughly weighing its pros and cons, enables us to let those thoughts go, this way switching our minds from negative to positive.