Hour Glass

Just like the ancient people had 24 hours a day, we too have the very 24 hours. There is literally no difference if you make a quantitative analysis of time. Same 24 hours | 1,440 minutes | 86,400 seconds in a day. The only conflict lies in the quality of time.

There were people in the past who spent time so smartly that their achievements are still remembered. But they were very few people. Others neglected the importance of time, and not only them but their future generations also suffered from the consequences.

Since the quality of time varies from person to person, everyone one of us is accountable for every second spent.

Quality of Time

The quality of time refers to how we utilise time. The way we spend time decides the quality, whether good or bad. It’s us who determine the time to favour us or go against us. Let me give you a more vivid picture.

Apart from the calamities and unfortunate events, I believe that we have the regulator of the quality of time in our hands. The early we realise this fact, the better we can enjoy life ahead. This regulator is a tool that requires two things

  1. Goals
  2. Vision
Picture Credits: Pixabay

If we realise the importance of time, everything will be under control. And this importance of time comes from these two above terminologies. Although these 2 terms reside a universe in each of them, it’s necessary to set goals, and a vision of life to get rid of the disturbed life majority of us are spending.

There’s another confusion that people think they can go ahead of time. No, that’s not possible. Albeit every moment of life is related to the preceding one, the factor of predictability defines what’s for us in the future. What we can do is to make a tradeoff of the maximum output. And that’s only possible if we set a vision of life.

Think of the tasks that are on your pending list. You don’t like to sit idle until you finish all your tasks. Be them the house chores, upcoming winter wardrobe shopping, grocery, gymnasium. These are hourly tasks and are not required to be done daily. But now, think about the goals you have set. Will these goals make you sit idle? If they do, the goals are immature yet!

If your goals are achievable, only then you will realise the true importance of time. It’s true that time apparently is the same for everyone. But to make it valuable, you have to know the importance of time in your life to achieve your goals. You will no longer waste a minute, let alone hours a day. The distractions like social media, web series, snaps will never overcome your intellect. And from that day, your life will be purposeful.

You are just a realisation away to spend quality time where everything will benefit you. You will have the vibe that wherever you go, you are getting support from unknown resources. You will enjoy the life that’s been hated by a few people, unfortunately. Think for a moment; what you set years ago is getting fulfilled just due to your honest hard work. No more financial stress, no more criticism. You have now found the trick to grasp the importance of time, and you are utilising time in your favour.

This realisation of time is so important, especially for today’s youth, that if they stay behind in the race, their life will be in ruins. Their farsightedness will be destroyed. Their vision will become meagre. Their ability to look years ahead will be dead. And most importantly, they will only think about small goals like making money or owning a personal house and a car. The scope of life will be gone.

Therefore it’s necessary from today to ask yourself about the goals. These goals work as milestones in achieving your vision of life. Here’s another fact: the vision of life is never achieved. You can fulfil a part of your vision, but visions are never completed. They are transferred depending on their soundness. That partial completion of the vision is the success, I believe, because if the 1% of your life is served for the Divine cause, the remaining 99% could be exempted by His mercy.