Predictable natural rhythms create a sense of security in all living creatures. The rhythms of the sun and the moon, the rhythms of sleeping and waking, the rhythms of our daily meals, and closer to home, the rhythm of our breathing and of our heart beating.

As babies, these rhythms created a sense of safety, a sense of reassuring predictability within us. And remember that while in the womb, the rhythms of our mothers body were our universe of rhythm also; heard and felt deeply by us. The deep sense of comfort and security they gave us was carried through to after we were born, when, as babies, we would feel safest when close to our mother’s body, feeling the rise and fall of her breathing, the beat of her heart. This significance of this within our psyche cannot be overstated.

So in our lives now, how do we reconnect with that sense of security and reassurance which these predictable rhythms brought us when we were young? The answer is that we connect with and follow the rhythms of the earth, of mother nature, of the moon and of the sun. We pay close attention to them, we adhere to them and attune to their tempo.

When we do this, we find it much easier to be calm and trusting, because on a very primal level we find deep security in rhythm. Our subconscious remembers being in the womb, being close to our mother, to our source of food and comfort in those first few years.

Our heart relaxes with a certain amount of natural predictability. It knows that a meal will be coming later. It knows a chance to sleep and rest will come at the end of the day. And of course, our heart itself is an instrument of rhythm. It beats within us, grounding us and simultaneously connecting us deeply to the outer world of natural rhythms.

And this also why people enjoy dancing so much, because within that rhythmic predictably that the human body likes so much, it finds occupation and purpose – to simply attune to the rhythms around it, and to enjoy them. While our body is attuned, engaged and occupied with rhythm in this natural and biological way, our spirit has the space and freedom it needs to expand, to lift up our heart, to soar and to dance in its own glorious way. This is the dance of the spirit, occurring fully within our own being, our own body and heart.

This joyful, blissful and effortlessly natural state is available to us all. The key is to begin observing and attuning to all of the natural rhythms that orchestrate life on this beautiful planet and to connect deeply with them, and with the grounding and stabilising rhythm of our own heartbeat. 

Our heart has a deep relationship with all these outer rhythms. It feels connected to the sun and the moon, and to everything in the natural world. As this connection becomes stronger, our heart becomes stronger, and is more easily able to play host to feelings of deep joy, deep compassion and deep Love.

This is our purpose, this self-remembrance through our heart. Where this leads us is into the beautiful unfolding mystery of life, which we learn to trust as it nudges, guides and directs us safely towards our destiny, which is complete union with Love.