A fit body has the physical ability, to carry out daily duties or sports activities with much ease and less weariness. You measure fitness by a person’s level of endurance, flexibility, and power. To ensure your brain and body works efficiently and at peak points, it is crucial that you maintain a daily routine that involves body movements or have regular exercises.

When your physiology is down, your positive energy runs low too, and you won’t be able to use all your physical and mental abilities maximally. Even if you are on a diet, your general health and well being could be in danger too if you are inactive. Sweating during exercises contributes significantly to the cleansing of the blood system by removal of toxins.

If your routine involves a lot of seating, then create time for workouts either in the morning or evening for three days a week.

Advantages of Physical Activities

Regular workouts are not only known to sustain an ideal weight check but also protects you from contracting specific common ailments such as being overweight, high sugar levels, low pressure, heart conditions, and stroke. In fact only ten percent manage to shed excess weight through healthy diets. It is also known to bring down the risk of some cancers.

For persons with digestion disorders, fitness is a recommendation as it boosts bowel movement too. Physical fitness also sharpens your memory and advances mental well-being by reducing stress and anxiety. It also helps to improve on the quality of sleep.

Both children and adults suffering from perennial diseases or disability shouldn’t be an exemption. You must, however, consult a doctor prior and work out under supervision. Physical workouts are known to delay the ageing process and improve the appearance of the skin.

Why it is Important For Kids to Keep Fit

Exercises are highly recommended for small kids, and they will not mind it as long as they are fun. You can play some music to motivate the kids because they get bored easily. Fitness for kids promotes their healthy growth and development, they rarely get ill and boosts their social skills.

If you live in a neighborhood that is not safe enough for un-supervised outdoor games, enroll your child in a sports club or organised group in the community. Children over six years should be involved actively, for at least an hour each day in after-school activities such as swimming, bicycle riding, dancing, soccer, or house chores. The kids who exercise regularly, have proven to be more attentive in school, have a stronger heart, bone structure, and muscles.

They are also less likely to be overweight, have clear lungs, high self-esteem and confidence. They tend to maintain their active nature even when they grow. In comparison to less active scholars, more fit children have less disciplinary issues and record higher brain performance.

You should design a routine that includes all the three elements of fitness, i.e., endurance, flexibility, and strength.

The Fundamentals of Physical Fitness

Always begin with a warm-up and finish with a cool down. It is ok to take water breaks before, between and after activities. Start at a level that matches your current fitness status and do not strain too much during your workouts. Remember always to wear the right size of work out outfit and shoes.

1.Endurance Exercises that increase your stamina involve a continuous movement of the large muscles also called aerobics. They raise your heartbeat and cause you to breathe faster hence more sweating. These are things like walking, jogging, biking, swimming, running and dancing.

2. Flexibility To enhance your flexibility, include actions that encourage a lot of bending and stretching. They improve your posture, relaxation, and balance. Stretching is also known to decrease muscle stiffness and the danger of injury during training. They include activities such as yoga, gymnastics, stretches, and ballet.

3. Strength Exercises that involve lifting and carrying weights, Push ups, sit ups, and squats build your muscle strength and power. However, heavy weight lifting is not advisable for small children as they are still growing. The best way to acquire power is by lifting your body weight. You can carry a pair of small weights while walking around to tone the muscles in your hands.


As a family, you should have regular play times together. Come up with fun games that your children enjoy. It could be playing football together, hula hooping, hiking or skating. You could also play some music and dance for twenty to thirty minutes.

Body fitness should be your way of life. If enrolling in a gym is expensive for you, create some space in your house and buy some videos to guide your workout routine. The benefits are enormous and lifelong. It is one of the best and beneficial ways to spend your free time.