In moving forward through any of life’s experiences and challenges, especially if you hope to move upward, what I have found is the vital importance in clearing the path to where you want to go. Depending upon the hoped destination, this clearing can mean any number of methods. I have mentors in regard to financial clearing, for example, because I see the necessity and importance of energetically letting go and also blasting through any physical and mind barriers that I may have in regard to success and money.

In my own journey, I have recognized the importance of clearing in regard to my self-perception, my self-esteem, my allowance of outside influence to my story, and other haunting greats like guilt, shame, and fear. This brief article is meant to start you on your journey of clearing your way and clearing your path. My ideas here are intentionally broad, acknowledging the advantage of seeking more specific help in categories of your needs. I primarily just hope to kick the ball down the hill and build your momentum toward clearing your life to open up the endless possibilities that you are and will fulfill once you are clear.

I answer each prompt with an entry of my own realization, from a short while ago, as I discovered some big monsters that were cyclically holding me back. Grab a pen or your computer, and use this example as a template to do your own clearing. Here we go.

1) Write your intention:

I am writing this to clear myself because I don’t need these things any more.

2) Write what you are done doing, what you are ridding yourself of, and your next move:

I am done feeling guilty for other people’s shortcomings. I am done begging and pleading with people to see me as important and allow me to be a part of their lives. I will put myself out there. I will make the effort. I will try until I am blue in the face. But if I keep hitting walls, ignoring attitudes, and ungrateful faces, I will move on.

3) Assure yourself that you are okay in doing this clearing and living YOUR own life:

There is no shame in this. I am still strong. I am not ashamed. I will not let others take me under. There is no shame in trying and not succeeding, because there are chances worth taking no matter the outcome. Life is not meant to work out as we think it will. It is full of twists and turns. There are only failures where we let there be. We can choose to see things not as they appear on the outside but for what they have taught us within ourselves.

4) Reassure yourself that you are not a waste. There is no shame. You are valid and worthy of all that you want out of life:

From the outside, many of my endeavors look like a waste. Wasted money, wasted time, wasted ambition…because I give myself no credit in the game. I see myself as not valid, as not enough of a reason to spend the money. But I am. And if I really choose to care for myself, I will embrace this and love this. There is no shame in any of it unless I let there be. I have grown. I continue to grow. And it is in my nature now to do so internally. So, why do I expect the outward, external approval of others? I just do. But in order for me to not let these things get me down, I need to acknowledge this as I am now and move on. I am not a waste. I am working on multiple books. I have projects in the wings. I am beautiful. No one is going to scream at me that I’m a fake or a floozy. Or even if they are thinking it, I am not beholden to anyone for their idea of what my success should look like.

5) Write down what your success looks like:

My success is this – I am doing what I want, what I love. I am writing. I am riding. I am living the life of my dreams. Not everything is perfect. Nothing is perfect. I am still working to get to a level of comfort. But I am doing it all. I may not have the love life I envisioned (yet). But I have horse love, dog love, and book love. I have art love and spiritual love. I can let that all be enough and keep going, keep looking up, if I choose and work to allow. Because up is where I am going. 

Now, vow to yourself that you will check in with this clearing and vision of success periodically to keep it in sight. Then, make an open-hearted effort to allow it and actually LIVE IT. Your life, as you want it to be, is not silly. It is amazing. And we cannot wait to see you living in your truth and what you will bring to the table.

10 Takeaway Tips

1) Write it down.

2) Release the guilt.

3) Stop pleading to other people.

4) Relinquish trying so hard.

5) Release the idea of failure.

6) No shame.

7) Allow growth.

8) You are not a waste.

9) You are REAL. Whatever you are, you are not an imposter. You are YOU.

10) Allow yourself to succeed, in love, in life, in everything.