When people talk of consciousness, they also mean awareness as they are more or less the same thing. But what exactly is awareness? It’s the ability to know and perceive events around you. When you are in a state of awareness, you are alert, understand why things are the way they are and are able to come up with solutions

Of course we all have awareness to a degree, only some people use it for their good and some people let it slip by. If you want to improve your awareness of things and use it positively, you must first  be clear on your intentions with what you’re looking to achieve. Then secondly you must focus on these things and learn as much as you can about them.

Everybody has unconscious thoughts and actions as well as conscious ones that hold us back from improving our lives and reaching the next level. Take a look at your life as if you were somebody else looking inside your brain. Think about what thoughts and actions you do automatically every day. Some will be positive and some will be negative. These negative thoughts and actions are the ones holding you back and they need to be stopped. Whereas the positive thoughts and actions you have and do every day need to be magnified and multiplied. This will then help you improve your life in a positive way and reach your next level. The more positive thoughts and actions you use daily and the less negative ones will mean the more you are capable of achieving no matter what your goals are, whether they are financial, physical or any other type of goal you want to achieve.

Sit down and think about what you really want to achieve then write down some positive phrases that will help you make positive steps towards your goal. Think about what positive thoughts and actions will help you. Think about any negative thoughts or doubts you may have and write down positive ones to counteract anything negative. Say to yourself from now on you will only think about positive thoughts and forget about all the negative ones.

If you want to make more money, then think about what you are going to do to achieve this goal. Understand ways how you can make more money. Write down the ways and positive phrases that you will use to make more money, get clear on exactly what you are going to do and every day start reprogramming your mind by repeating the ways and positive phrases that you have written down.

Eventually you will learn off by heart the ways you will use to make more money. You are now starting to change your life. Next imagine that you are implementing those ways you have chosen to make more money and you are already being successful in making more money. You are installing positive conscious thoughts into your mind even before you’ve done those tasks. In effect, you are normalising the act of being successful and making money. This will enable you to achieve your goals of actually making money without backing down or having doubts and settling for less. You will learn to believe that these are your goals and you can achieve them and you will not back down until you are successful.

You now know you will be successful. There is no doubt and no room for failure. Close your eyes and visualise yourself having been successful in making lots of money. You are able to afford the things you desire such as a big house or a nice car. Visualise yourself driving that shiny new car or living in that spacious new house. Keep visualising it until it seems real. Eventually your mind will not know what is real and what is not and you will really believe you have a big house and new car. It’s what you deserve because you are so successful and anything less is not an option.

Now you are in the correct state of positive consciousness your vibrational frequencies will shift and you will find that you start attracting the right opportunities and people to help you attain your goals and achievements. You will have the correct consciousness for success and it will come to you.