I hope that everyone is enjoying the YogaLean 40-day challenge so far. I want to share with you one of the elements that I find most important. Journaling. I carry a little catch-all notebook around with me daily and keep track of all of my ‘things’. This includes budgets, thoughts, food, things to do, affirmations etc.

Food Journal: A proven tool that doesn’t require another person’s involvement is a food journal. We often eat when we are not hungry. Are you eating out of anger? loneliness? boredom? A food journal is a great way to keep track of the times a day and exactly what you are eating. Another tip is to write a note about what your emotional state around a particular meal or snack. Did you grab something sweet after a not so pleasant conversation with your boss? Did you pick up a snack after someone cut you off on the freeway? Keeping a record allows us not only to identify when we are eating mindlessly but also to discover patterns to our eating- whether related to emotional or environmental circumstances.

Personal Journals: This is a powerful yet simple way of processing events and circumstances in our lives, healing emotional wounds and moving forward with passion and intention. The return to health is a process. It is one that often involves feeling in order to heal. Purchase a special notebook, or even better you can decorate one yourself. Make the notebook as personal as possible The blank page is a safe, objective audience for fielding memories, thoughts, and emotions, rational or irrational. It holds our hand as we dive into exploring the subconscious and does not pass judgment.


Recording Inspiration: Write down poems, quotes or advice you hear that inspire you daily. Some of them may be from a friend, colleague, your child or complete stranger. You never know when the universe will gift you an “aha” moment.

Gratitude: Write down what you are grateful for. This is a great way to start the morning. You can make this a part of your journaling. You will notice you complain less during the day if you place the energy on what you are grateful for.

Positive Affirmations: Writing your positive affirmations reinforces what yoga calls your sankalpa, or positive resolve. It will also allow you to go back and reflect on your own personal growth and success.

I hope this gives you a foundation for the importance of journaling. Make sure to read pages 8-10 of my Yogalean Book for additional tips.

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