Have you, as a direct report, ever felt that instead of waiting for the next performance review, you’d be able to perform better if you got more frequent input from your manager on your current work practices?

Check-ins are a very effective way to overcome this issue. It is easier to fix an issue in the initial stages than to wait till the end. Here’s why frequent employee check-ins are important for your organization. 

Drives Employee Engagement

Communicating frequently with employees and providing them with valuable feedback on a regular-basis, is what most employees crave. This frequent communication between managers and employees leads to engaging conversations between them and helps employees stay engaged at their work. A continuous performance process like weekly employee check-in helps employees and their managers stay on the same page and help each other engage themselves at work. 

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Provides Direction

Frequent employee check-ins allow managers to give their employees an affirmation in what they’re doing well and helps them communicate with their employees about where they can improve. It gives managers an opportunity to not just point out their employees’ shortcomings but also to help them how to overcome them. 

Promotes A Continuous Learning

Learning is a continuous process. No matter how old you are, what you do, keeping yourself up to date with the current industry trends is very important. Every conversation that managers have with their employees is a learning opportunity for the employees. Frequent check-ins are important for employees to re-evaluate their goals, remain aligned to organizational goals, create functional strategies, and improve themselves constantly. 

Motivates Employees 

Having frequent conversations about their performance plans and strategies motivates employees to perform better. It also helps managers boost employee morale from time to time which in turn contributes to improved organizational productivity. Frequent check-ins can help employees course-correct as and when necessary. It helps them fix mistakes that were holding them back and in some cases, it even helps them revamp their goals or increase their targets. This practice creates a sense of satisfaction for the employees and motivates them to improve themselves.

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