“As children, routines gave us a sense of security,” says Vicky Vlachonis, renowned integrative medical practitioner and author of The Body Doesn’t Lie. “As adults, the rituals we choose to incorporate into our daily lives gives us a feeling of purpose.”

According to Vlachonis, who has spent her career using holistic treatments and methods to alleviate physical, emotional, and mental pain, incorporating a consistent ritual into your day, whether it be meditating, journaling, or going on a walk to clear your mind, helps bring structure into your day, and builds trust and stability from the inside out. She says that in Osteopathy, “structure governs function” — and controlling our habits is the first step in creating that structure. “When we regulate some of our daily routines, we deactivate some of our fight or flight instincts,” she adds. “Our internal system trusts that we will follow through with something every day.”


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