John Spach

Eating healthy is not just a habit but our body’s necessity. Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck our lives, most of us got to realize the importance of our immune system. The only way to keep our immune system right on-track is to keep our bodies healthy and fit. Our health and fitness ratio is directly proportional to the kind of food we eat. Hence, it is very important to stay careful before taking up that extra bite.

John Spach talks about the importance of Healthy-Eating during Covid-19 crisis-

A well-balanced diet coupled with moderate-level physical work is very essential to boost your immune system. The following things must be included in your diet to give your body the nutrition it needs.

  • Protective Foods- Protective foods are vitamins like A, C, and E and minerals such as Copper, Iron, zinc, and selenium. Your plate must have green-leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits as they are a great source of nutrition for the body. Protective foods are named so because they help in boosting your immune system. Thus, enabling your immune power to fight diseases and help you stay healthy. It helps the immune system to defend the body against coronavirus.
  • Energy-Rich Foods– These are mainly carbs that give your body the required amount of energy. Energy-rich foods like Jaggery, Ghee, maize, rice, wheat, honey, cereals, millets, oilseeds, etc. fulfil the drained energy. During Covid-19 disease, your body needs the most amount of energy-rich foods to keep itself working against the virus.
  • Sanitation and Food Hygiene-John Spach highlights the importance of sanitation during Covid-19. As there has been no strong evidence to know how the virus enters the body, the best form of defense we have is sanitation. Practice the habit of washing your fruits and vegetables many times before cooking.
  • Body-building Foods- Body-building foods are a source of the most necessary macronutrient – protein. Protein is needed to help the body repair broken or damaged cells and reproduce new ones. It is also essential for the process of growth and development in human beings, especially children, teenagers, and pregnant women.

Protein aids the process of fuel development and blood-flow. It comes from the food items like- Pulses, such as baked beans, red, green, yellow, and brown lentils, chickpeas, haricots, etc. Milk Products like butter, ice-cream, frozen desserts, yogurt, cheese, etc. Non-vegetarian foods like fish and eggs are also a great source of protein. The most important role of protein is that during the time of infection, it increases in amount to synthesize the chemicals and immune cells proliferation.

  • Stay Hydrated- Water is the best form of hydration. During the Covid-19 infection, warm water is suggested as it benefits our respiratory cells.
  • Physical Exercises- Pandemic brings a lot of negativity along with it. Hence, practice yoga and meditation to keep your mental health fit in addition to moderate physical exercises to keep your cells active.


Coronavirus Pandemic is a red-alert for all of us who have been careless to take care of our health till now. Hence it is high time to get up and check your diet and do some physical work, as this is the only way to fight the on-going and upcoming health crisis in the world.