We have realized that our house is full of appliances that we use every day. However, we forget that this equipment needs regular maintenance so that it continues to function properly and enjoy your company for a while longer; in addition, this way we will avoid problems with the device. Let’s think about what we want to occupy the appliance and due to a breakdown it leaves us in the middle of the activity, this could be foreseen.

If proper maintenance is not carried out, they can be damaged more than normal, and there may even be breakdowns in new appliances or appliances. Therefore, if what we want is to extend the years of the life of our equipment we must take into account the recommendations of the manufacturers like Express Appliance Repair GTA.

Why is it important to maintain appliances?

Care must be taken when deciding to buy an appliance, as it must be in good condition in terms of warranty, energy efficiency, or quality. On the other hand, let’s not get carried away because it looks nice or because it is something you dreamed of, but it must be reliable equipment and as you can see, then, through opinions or reviews of other users.

Maintaining the appliance will increase its durability. Therefore, if it does have a breakdown, it is likely that you will have to shell out a certain amount of money that you did not expect. In the worst case, you have to buy a new appliance.

Although many believe that their appliances work wonderfully because so far it has not given them any concern, then they rate them as “good”. I do not know to give the task of reviewing and taking care of them, since that way they will last longer. We tell you some tips to maintain or at least take care of the equipment at home, although it is not the same as cleaning it as a specialist in the maintenance of electrical appliances.

Never throw away the manual, read it

Whenever new equipment is acquired, you must know its characteristics and operation. Yes, we know that many find this step boring, but it is better to find out for yourself how it works. Otherwise, you will waste more time and can cause damage to your brand new team. The same manual will offer you some recommendations that you must carry out in its maintenance to extend its useful life. The best thing to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The importance of batteries

There are household appliances that are connected to the electrical network, while others have batteries that must be recharged. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that over time they will lose the ability to hold the load. If you want them to last longer, try to unplug the device when it has been charged and not keep it for hours, even if the charge is complete. Also, don’t let the battery drain completely.

Change and clean the filters

This is important for household appliances that have filters, such as washing machines, range hoods, or vacuum cleaners. The equipment has filters that you must change or clean from time to time; otherwise, they will not work correctly and may become clogged. As we advised in the first tip, you should only consult the manufacturer’s manual to know where the filters are located and the recommendations on how and when to change them.

Check the rubbers and seals on the doors

We refer to equipment, such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, etc., which have rubbers on the doors. This accessory is used to ensure that they are airtight and that the interior temperature is maintained when in use. Therefore, when these rubbers are damaged or worn, the equipment will work with greater intensity and will influence its operation. A bad rubber or gasket can cause problems such as water leaks.

Clean the appliances

Appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers can be major sources of dirt and bacteria. Carrying out a continuous cleaning will help you avoid this and extend the life of the equipment since the remains of dirt can obstruct and prevent proper functioning.

Avoid ice

Both the freezer and the refrigerator accumulate a lot of ice. This is their main enemy because it prevents them from working efficiently and they will need to use more energy. Make sure to remove the ice every so often or when you see that there is a lot built up. To do this you will have to empty it and let it thaw or scrape the ice with a suitable tool.

Don’t overload appliances

If you use your equipment roughly or overload it, you can damage it. For example, there are those who put a lot of clothes in the washing machine, since you will be exceeding the capacity of the washing machine and will have to make a greater effort to work optimally.