It’s not often that the road to success doesn’t come without its fair share of ups and downs. All of us suffer from self doubt and negativity and it’s how we process these feelings internally that ultimately determines the path our lives will take. Many entrepreneurs and leaders experience personal adversity, however they find a way to transform those feelings into motivation and drive, and that’s what makes them stand out from the pack and leads them on a path of success.

For some, turning those restricting negative thoughts into a motivation comes naturally however some of us need a little help. Influencer turned reality TV celeb, now Life Coach Betty Banks, of Bankslife Coaching, is now serving women, helping, guiding and transforming them into their Higher Selves through NLP techniques, Spiritual Shadow Healing and Intuitive Works. 

‘You can’t hold any space for self hate or resentment if you want to create a successful life in business’, says Betty, speaking from personal experiences. ‘I was this person, always searching for more. Asking, what was the meaning of my life, what am I meant to do? What is my purpose?’ 

Betty finally had an epiphany of how she could break free from the sometimes limiting beliefs of society, and knew straight away she had to share it with like minded women. What transpired has become life changing for women all over the world as Betty developed a 12 week program based around 1 on 1 mentoring and supporting group coaching for women who are struggling with their own limiting beliefs.

‘We’re talking about a huge transformative process of freedom, originating from the darkest parts of their past, which leads them into finding their self validation, self love and self worth, while being able to embrace their Higher Selves’, says Betty.

Bankslife Coaching has a simple philosophy which really resonates with women everywhere. Betty maintains that not everybody speaks about their darkness like it’s their super power. Most people shove it down so far that they start to push it aside and not deal with the situation, numbing themselves in the process and filling up that void with everything but love. The only way to stop it coming back over and over is to face it head on, and that’s where Betty Banks leads the way.

‘I’ve developed a strategy called the Shadow’s Program that allows us to be able to face our darkness and turn it from a weakness to a strength. In my program, I’ve had women fall in love with themselves again, embracing the good and bad. Creating more purpose for who they desire to be, and learning about forgiveness and self compassion leads them into being able to create their Higher Self’, says Betty, which in turns leads to confidence and direction and creating a calming certainty within themselves.

Since starting her course, Betty has enjoyed a 99% success rate of personal actualisations and breakthroughs and as a testament to her level of service Betty proudly claims, ‘the women who started my course with me since the beginning are still with me today as I’ve created a community where each and every one of us are loving, interactive, engaged and motivated to cheer each other on through our own personal journeys’.

To find out more about Bettina Banks and Bankslife Coaching check out or reach out to Betty on Insta @msbbanks.