Our physical hygiene has never been greater. The constant hand washing, sanitizing, social distancing and self isolating; but can we honestly say we are doing enough to support the hygiene of our spiritual bodies?

As human beings we were designed to have physical contact, physical touch, to be around other humans. We were not created to be isolated, to be distanced from friends, family and loved ones, that is not how we thrive at our optimum. We crave, and we need, connection. So during these times of uncertainty, of solitude and collective trauma, it is crucial that we create and sustain a strong spiritual practice; every, single, day.

With the current state of the world, we are barraged with feelings of fear, anger, resentment, blame and guilt on a daily basis. All of these emotions vibrate so low on the energetic scale, they do absolutely nothing to support our levels of well-being on an emotional, physical or mental plane. The levels of stress on our nervous systems are monumental and if we don’t calm, soothe and recalibrate them, then everything around us will start to unravel.

When we up level our spiritual hygiene, we bolster our relationship to Spirit, God, Source, Universe, Divine. We find ourselves with a stronger advantage to overcome the low frequency vibrations, thought patterns and emotions that we are currently all consumed by, on so many levels, globally.

The only way we are able to keep our emotional, physical and mental well-being strong during such traumatically challenging times, is to reinforce our spiritual practice. Daily. We have to make it part of our routine, it has to become a non-negotiable. 

When we do this every day, we begin to raise our vibration. When we raise our vibration we can begin to change our thought patterns. When we change our thought patterns, we can begin to change our reality. But it is a practice, we need to do it daily, however that may look for you, it has to become habitual.

As a Harmonyum practitioner I understand the importance of cultivating and nurturing my daily practice. To be able to serve my clients at the highest level, my spiritual body has to be clean, it has to be strong and it has to be nourished.

Meditating, journaling, taking yourself for a walk, breath work, taking a bath, listening to music. Start small if you need to, but just start. Find something that will fit into your daily life that will help connect you to Spirit, that will serve to cleanse your emotional body, and help strengthen and raise your vibration.

In essence, maintaining a strong spiritual practice is key. If you don’t have one, create one. Find something that works for you. And if you do have one, keep doing it. Religiously.

Maintain it and continue it, because as we ride through this invisible wave, we have absolutely no control, we have no idea how it will end. But what we do have control over, is our ability to connect with ourselves, with our heart space, with Source, God, Universe, Divine. Only then can we truly begin to navigate this perfect storm.